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Hey Beauties

I’ve recently discovered some up and coming talent in South Africa and wanted to give them a shout out! And it’s not exactly beauty related but I think they deserve some recognition for their work <3

Firstly – A Rock Band

They are called Wake to Wonder – They are on youtube and you can check them out here. I seen them live on Thursday evening and they are pretty talented. Check them out and follow on youtube.

Next up – A designer

English Bloke – I posted my pic of my purchase on Instagram and found him there as well.I’m not sure if he has an online store yet but seen a post that he got he’s T’s into a local store, Parooz Fashions,  which is amazing, it’s alot of hard work and dedication to go places as a designer. He’s shirts are so casual and cool ,and great quality… plus the photography rocks. Check him out on instgram @englishblokeza

More Music – a guy I heard on the radio , he’s called Mono_T and I hope all the future music is as cool as this song…Click here for a listen

Oh and I do have 1 beauty item brought to us by Kandy Kane , check out her website here for some cool makeup brushes and funky hair colors. She also has a youtube channel , click here to check her out

And then my all time fav…Ed Sheeran, this dude needs to come on tour!

Ed Sheeran – My new favorite song Bloodtstream –  click here 

I hope these new people get alot of recognition and have long amazing careers in their fields!

If you’ve made some new discoveries please feel free to share 😀


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