Neon Ombre Nails

Hello lovies,

I posted this ombre nails on Instagram and had some requests for a step by step guide so here it is

Firstly these are the products I used


What I do is prep my nails as per usual , file if need be buff etc, then apply a base coat and 1 coat of a white polish and allow that to dry for about 3-5 minutes depending on the polish you use,  but since I just received my Mavadry in my rubybox this took about 60 seconds … This is what you will be left with , IMG_20150120_181214

then take a make up sponge, I buy mine at dischem, I always take the cheapest pack I can find since I don’t use the sponge more than twice. I then apply one line of the first color and a line of the 2nd color… This is what it should look like on the sponge. Be sure to overlap the colors for blending purposes.IMG_20150120_181652

Now quickly roll the sponge on your finger, I do this twice to increase the opacity, I do this on all the nails, its important to note, the way you role the sponge is the direction you ombre will show… after one application this is what I am left with IMG_20150120_181824

I will apply to all my fingers and allow to dry for a few minutes then do more coats in the same way depending on how opaque you require the color , with darker colors less coats are required. Once you are satisfied apply your favorite top coat for me it is Sally Hansen big Shiny or Sally Hansen Big Matte. And tada…you have a neon ombre …easy peasy…Don’t forget to clean up your nail , to make it easier you could apply some tape around the nail but I’m lazy so I just use my Avon Corrector pen. Once your mani is complete feel free to give your cuticles some love with a cuticle oil.IMG_20150120_182628

Here is another variation …And my favorite colors even though I don’t like pink I love NEON Pink 😀


Please leave me some comments to tell me if you have any advise on how to make this easier or perhaps some cool color combinations you may have tried or would like to see …

Until Next time ….

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