Natural ways to achieve the Perfect Skin (Beauty Routines)

Hey guys!

I’ve been a mum for 5 months only, but seriously, I got too tired to go for my facial treatments when I was 8 months pregnant. Every lady wants a good skin, one that looks flawless, even when you have a tight time schedule and a tighter budget, right?  So, I got to research and experiment on natural foods that I can use to treat my skin- sometimes a break from the chemicals is also really good. The best thing about this is; it is all things I use in the kitchen so, yes! beauty costs have gone down with over 50 bucks!

My daily routine for the past 5 months has been applying lemon juice on my face- it actually acts as a toner and it’s great for removing blemishes. I seriously have a very even skin tone, with very fade blackheads, I think by the start of the new year my face will be all smooth! Apply the lemon (I use the actual lemon and just rub it all over my face plus neck) then let it stay for 30 minutes then wash off with warm water.

I used to have a very very dry skin, honey really helped me out. I used to apply honey 3 times a week for the first 3 months and let it stay for 1 hour then wash off with warm water. Honey acts as a moisturizer, and seriously, I don’t look like someone who has sunburns anymore! That is how badly dry my skin was, lol! Now, I apply itonce a week for an hour- I do this on Saturday morning because my husband is usually home and helps around with the baby.

Once a week I use tumeric mixed with lemon and yorghut (and when I lack the two latter I use tumeric and honey)- I use this to brighten my skin. It gives my skin a glow that I love so much I can skip the highlighting part when doing your make up! I leave it for 30 mins and it has managed to remove the dark circles under my eyes.

Then, finally, egg tissue mask- this is basically diping a tissue in an egg mixture and sticking it on my face. I use this as my face mask to peel off dead skin. I do this once a month and yeah, the results have been more than amazing!

Motherhood came with its ups and downs, the downs was that I had very little time for myself (to go out and just make myself presentable)- and when people say make lemonades from the lemons you have, I came up with a beauty routine that I have gotten used to and has given me amazing results! So, I am not sorry to say that the only chemicals I will be applying on my face are make up!

What natural products are you using to treat your face?

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