Natural Birth vs. C-Section

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Have you ever wondered what the differences are Natural Birth vs. C-Section? There are things I wish people had told me about being a parent, but there is also that fact that there is no real guideline. What I can share with you is my experiences, during labor and birth as well as parenting.

There are so many ways to parent, and that I believe depends on the little human you have. But there are tips that I can give you about my experiences, from the beginning. I really hope you find these helpful! So let’s talk Natural Birth vs. C-Section. If you would like more on my natural birth experience, check out this post

There is a lot to be said when it comes down to choice. However it is not always a choice! Sometimes, unfortunately shit happens and things don’t go according plan. That’s what happened with me and why I had to have the caesarean’s.

natural birth vs. C-section

Labor Pains

Natural Birth

This will always be my first choice! This was my choice everytime but that didn’t happen due to circumstance. Labor pains are like torture. But as I said in my previous post, this can be better depending on the person. I don’t know if your dna or heritage has anything to do with it. But I do know a lot of people that had the easiest labor ever, even with the first child.

C- Section

This one depends. If you schedule your C-section, like I had to with my 3rd baby. It’s an amazing pain free experience. But if like with my second one it’s an emergency, it’s so terrifying. Because, as you are getting a spinal you are also experiencing contractions, the scary bit is if you move while they administer that injection you could end up paralyzed. When this is planned oh wow it is such a breeze. You know when to check in, you know what time your surgery is. Everything is totally pain free and expected, until it’s over!


Natural Birth

There are no real scars to worry about here, other than the stretchies. But I heard of someone that tore so badly that there may possibly be a scar in “Australia”, however, that will probably never be seen so I don’t think it counts…Let me know if I’m wrong?

C- Section

Other than the possible stretch marks, there is another scar to think about. The C-section scar. Although these days it is so skinny and barely noticeable, it’s still there. I don’t mind mine because both cuts were on the same place, so I don’t have multiple lines across my tummy, just 1. Besides its a beautiful reminder of those experiences. Like my battle scars. There are of course scar treatments to lighten them up but I didn’t bother. Too much effort lol.

Time in Hospital

Natural Birth

With natural birth, other than my 2 day labor experience. I was discharged the morning after my son was born. He was born on Friday at about 5pm and Saturday 11am I was at home. It is so awesome. It’s like in and out, no bells and whistles.


With this birth option, you will be there for 3 days post surgery. Your gynae needs to check your wound and make sure you are healing properly. But before that the anesthetic needs to wear off, and I think that took me about 10 hours. It is no joke not being able to walk. In addition, for me the pain wasn’t too bad, I was up and walking around the following day (After the surgery). But there was another lady in my room, who needed a wheel chair.

Then one my friend was on morphine for the pain. So just choose wisely.

Going Home

Natural Birth

Once your at home with a natural birth the first 24 hours for me was a bit uncomfortable. I only had 2 stitches so it wasn’t bad. I could take a bath and use the loo no problem. Plus you can immediately tie your tummy. This apparently aids in the healing and keeping everything in it’s place, internally. But for the most part it’s back to business, no real “down” time.

C- Section

Aside from the 3 day stay, all alone in hospital. Which I am sure no 1 likes. The only plus side is the nurses are there to help you with baby. Like you get to sleep through the night. They will only bring your little one per your request, otherwise first thing in the morning. I opted for breast feeding, so they would bring them to me through the night. But when I wanted to sleep I just asked that they keep the baby in the nursery.

Ok then you get home. Bed ridden is your name, especially if you don’t do well with pain. You have to be extra careful also not to re-open the wound. Then you’re back at the gynecologist by day 7, so they can check your wound. You can’t shower, because the wound has to stay dry. This is the case even though the stitches are dissolving.

For me personally it was horrible. I am very independent and I like to get sh!t done. You really can’t when you have a C-section. I really really don’t like the invalid feeling it comes with.

There is also the sadness of not being able to immediately tie or bind your tummy. This is why a lot of moms have a mommy pouch after a Caesar.

Then there’s the feeling

Natural birth

Like I said everything goes back to normal asap. There are no major changes to deal with.


The area where you were cut gets and stays numb. My little one is 11 now, and I still have no feeling where the cut is. I can’t feel anything it’s basically dead. Then in winter, when it’s super cold, it feels like someone is pulling on the scar from the inside. It is hella unpleasant. Let’s not even talk about the back pain in Winter. Oh my word. It’s just horrible. I have also never been someone who suffered from things like period paid until after my first Caesar.

All in all those are the pros and cons – or at least my experience of each.

Let me know in the comments if this was helpful, and feel free to share with anyone who is struggling making this kind of decision.

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I hope that you like these and if you want more please let me know.

Have a womderful week BeYOUtiful! you’re worth it.


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