My birthday Wishlist + Giveaway


Yes I am sadly a January baby, it’s very sad for birthday presents for us. I’m sure as a beauty blog most of you are expecting to see makeup on this list and I think there is only 1 makeup item on my birthday Wishlist. Thanks to my subscription with Boxycharm I am happy to forgo makeup, because I will eventually get it or just buy it :), that’s if I really really want something.

I’m also trying not to buy as much makeup anymore, not because I don’t love it anymore I just really have a lot and it’s overtaking my desk now, because I don’t have that much storage or even space. And tbt I would rather make space for shoes than for makeup 🙂

I also don’t really celebrate Christmas so , I don’t have a Christmas Wishlist, but I can do a gift guide if you guys want one. Again it will not be a beauty lovers guide because with my Louis Vuitton taste and people realistic budgets, including my own, I prefer not to ask for makeup.


So let’s start with the Makeup Items

Tatcha Skincare For Makeup Lovers Set – R1499 on Musebeauty.

Image from Musebeauty website.

My birthday Wishlist - Tatcha

I have wanted to try the Tatcha dewy skin mist for the longest time but it is so expensive. So with this set I feel I can try a few things including the skin mist, since the skin mist on it’s own is R1100 on it’s own and I feel this one is more cost effective. Check back sometime in the future to see if I received this….. 😀


Huawei 42mm Watch – R2999 (on Sale) – normal price R3499.00

I want a smart watch and since I have a Huawei P30, I would like a matching watch, but I want the Huawei Elegant and not the sports on, because it’s perdy 🙂 , this one I think I am going to get myself. Then I can ticket it off my Wishlist too.

Image from Huawei website.

My birthday Wishlist - Huawei Ella

HP Sprocket – currently R999.00 , at launch it was R1799

Image from HP website.



Acrylic makeup Organizer.

Image from beautybox.

Last but certainly not least, I would like an acrylic makeup organizer. The one I would like is from Beauty box. It’s not a big one because I would like to scale back my makeup as part of my 2020 goals. Not holding on to things for no reason, other than love and joy.

So the one I want is currently R979, I can live with that price so I  am adding it to the list.





And that’s all folks. That’s my birthday Wishlist for 2020.

Now I have included a little makeup giveaway.


Rules below and on Instagram, as this will be an Instagram giveaway.
Also #not sponsored. I was not asked to do this post I just wanted my list out there for my hubby and friends to see 😀
Giveaway Rules on Instagram – come check it out @scarletpiperblog

I can’t locate and online price for the mask for the value is slightly more but probably only like $5 soooooo sorry.

Overall value of this giveaway is approximately $149.00 which at this moment is R2085.00


Here is a look at what you can win, now go over to Instagram to enter 🙂

FYI – All my collages are made with Canva. Click this link to check out their website.



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