Mother’s Day – What to get?




Well Hello there! I know it’s Monday and I should be blue but I’ve decided its Mother’s Day this weekend so what is there really to be blue about! Anyway mother’s day can be daunting so I decided I would put a gift guide together so you have an idea of what to get your mom, in case she’s a little extra like me :).

1. Bath and Body Products

Not every mother or child has the time or budget to book a spa day, that’s just the way it is, but gifting mom things that enable her to create a relaxing experience is good enough. My kids are obviously not at the age where they are working or can afford extravagant gifts, which I personally understand, and I don’t want it to come from dad, because he has a mom he has to spoil too! So this to me would be ideal, provided it is accompanied by a time off voucher too lol.

 2. Slipper and Gowns

I know I know it’s such a cliché, but, let’s not forget it’s winter, and I am the type of person who needs a new season wardrobe lol, which includes cozy things like new slippers and a new gown to be able to keep up with the current trends, aka Unicorns and Holographic (hint,hint, nudge nudge). Just sayin’

3. The really Lux Items

I love spending time in the kitchen, it is super calming to me, because that is the place where no one ever bothers me. I think it’s because they know when I quit or get fed up then no food lol, and my family loves to eat! I think I might even gift myself something from the lux list, not diamond earrings though, definitely something for the kitchen. These gifts are great for moms who love to cook, every time they use this to make your favourite dish they’ll remember where it came from ;)…Perfume is never a fail but this has to be something your mom wouldn’t buy herself.

4. DIY

This would come off as so lame to some, but I love it! The only thing is my daughter gives me a card basically every week, let’s hope a little more effort will go into the mothers day card lol. Either way, I think something from the heart is a lot more special than let’s say a set of diamond earrings. But if I’m being honest once these kids start working the wish list get’s real! 48 Hours of labour was not for nothing my loves lol!

5. Spa Day!

I would absolutely love this as a gift, however, I know they can’t afford it so realistically this could be another something I get for me! Yes, I get myself a lot of gifts but I’m worth it lol. Besides timeout is so rare for me, because my mini-me follows me everywhere like a tail. So if I can manoeuvre my way into a spa for 4 hours, you better your sweet a$$ I am there!


This was my little “Wish List” or gift ideas for your mom. I know that no mother is perfect but we sure do the best we can with what we have! Cherish your mom’s and I think every day should be mothers day, but according to my daughter, it’s weekly LOKL!!!!

I hope you and your mom have a spectacular time together whatever you will be doing, even if it is just spending the day with her or doing her hair and makeup.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you !!!

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