Monday Motivation

Hey Gorgeous!

I hope you had an amazing weekend.

So my post today is all around beauty, we all have this idea in our heads that we need to be perfect to be beautiful,or have to look a certain way to be considered beautiful, my question is why can we not just be perfectly imperfect the way we are.


We read magazines and watch TV and see all these perfect people all the time, and we hold ourselves to other peoples standards of beauty when we should should be amazed and grateful that we are alive and we get to experience all the things we experience because it is those things that have made us who we are, and have made us our own kind of beautiful.

I won’t deny that beauty and cosmetics is my passion too but for me it’s more about getting to be creative and just be who I am, its really not about trying to change the way my face looks, Its about accentuating the things I love about my face.

At the end of the day we are all just mere mortals and we all have hang ups about how we look, but I personally think its not about being accepted by others as beautiful , its about accepting yourself as beautiful …Remember God or the Universe or source, doesn’t make mistakes, you are who you are because that is who you are meant to be…

I hope you have an amazing day & week , and remember you are beautiful, just the way you are!

James Bay – Let It Go



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