Minnoi – Amazing new lotion? Or not?

Wow!!! Been a minute, right! I missed my baby (the blog). No not enough to actually sit down and write a review but I missed just login in lol. So I received this as PR and no I am not sponsored or required by law to review the product. But guys, you know I have dry skin right, but it can get so scaly! And I’ve always had issues in Winter especially. So let me introduce you to Minnoi.


So let me tell you all about these products

Meet Minnoi

Here’s a little about the brand (from their website, click here for more)

Our Brand

At Minnoi, we believe there is no greater good than what we can find in nature. We pride ourselves on providing skincare and wellness products that embody this mantra while maximising on the multitude of benefits nature has made available to us. Each high performance beauty product is crafted by a team of dedicated cosmetic chemists and skincare professionals.

It was essential that Minnoi remain true to nature and portray this throughout all aspects of the brand. This philosophy extends to our packaging as the entire range of Minnoi products are provided in 100% recyclable materials. With our focus on providing quality and effective products, Minnoi aims to radically change the way people perceive natural ingredients from a less effective compromise to a clear alternative.


Minnoi brand details













*PS* Every ingredient included in these butters is there for a specific therapeutic reason. There are no fillers of any kind, meaning almost every ingredient in these butters in an active ingredient.


Here’s my experience with the brand.

Minnoi Milk and Honey body polish – R140.00

Full list of ingredients: Sucrose, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Sodium Bicarbonate, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Cera Alba (Beeswax), Kaolin, Honey, Fragrance 

This smells so yummy, like it could be edible (kind of like baby lotion – to me at least). I didn’t try and eat it , promise-ish. But it really smells delicious. So usually when I use a scrub, like a psycho I get into the shower (before I put the water on), then apply the scrub. Do all the normal things in the shower and come out. When I get out of the shower, even after I wash my body, with mitts, my skin is still moisturized. Day 1, I was in total shock, that only happens for me personally when I make my own, with olive oil. After you shave and use this, wow. Skin is silky Smoove and just amazing! But seriously , the smell.

Ok moving swiftly along.

Minnoi Mango & Rosehip Body Butter – R180.00

Ok this one smells good but, it definitely has that natural scent. Kinda like essential oils. I’m not a huge fan of this scent, but, this body butter texture, is whipped. A little goes a very long way. And my skin hasn’t flaked!!! For me that’s a win , even if this smelt like olive oil, it wouldn’t matter. BTW, I don’t like the way olive oil smells :). My skin though is so hydrated, I have zero tightness. I don’t know if you experience this, but after you’ve applied lotion, in about 30 mins, you sit (and slouch- Bad Zee). It feels like skin on your back is going to rip. Just me? I hate that feeling so much. I can deal with itchy legs, but that tight skin on my back is not lekker. But no more, with this body butter.


I also received a body lotion, which I haven’t tried yet but I did pop the lid to smell it, OMW! I can’t wait for summer. This lotion smells divine! Incase I haven’t told you yet my favorite scent currently is Vanilla. It’s so fresh and clean, and delicious. But I will review this as soon as I use it. I am trying to be more mindful and less wasteful, so I am not opening this until my other one is all used up.


I will admit, I am not actively using only natural products, but after my experience with Minnoi, I really don’t see a difference between this and the normal products on the shelf. I will also say  understand that in these tough times, R180 for a body butter may seem like a ridiculous amount. But firstly, since it is hand made, you know there is alot of love and care that goes into the manufacturing. And secondly, it lasts a looooooong time. I have a house hold of 5 people. We’ve been using it for over a month already, and we’re only half way through!!! Then my middle son has eczema, and he hasn’t had a flair up in a while. But more to the point he usually uses E45. That 500ml is almost the same price as this.

Although it works amazingly, the shock factor for me is that he hasn’t had a flair up and he uses this as well. And no difference yet. He usually reacts pretty quickly to body products. And so far so good.

So that’s us, do I like this product? Absolutely. If you follow me on IG, you would have seen my post on how I use the scrub on my hands, and yes on the rest of my body too. But with the use of all this sanitizer, I typically exfoliate more than the normal person (FYI – that’s pre-Covid too).

I clean with domestos and pine gel. And unless I am cleaning a toilet, I’ve stopped using gloves, so my hands really take a beating. And I love this body butter!!! No doubt. I had to go into the office the other day, I even put some in a travel pot for all the sani I have to use there too.

If you would like to hang out a little bit longer, you can check out my previous body post here.


Ok I can go on all day about a good lotion/body butter lol.




Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried this brand as yet, or if you are keen to?







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  1. I’d love to try it, esp because there are no hidden ingredients. It also gives me peace of mind that it hasn’t irritated your sons skin🙌 I get that tightness on my lower back, terrible feeling.

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