Honest Review of the Medusa Botox Collagen Rewind Treatment

I did a Brazilian blowout maybe 8 years ago now, and I really didn’t enjoy that. The novelty was awesome for the first month maybe then, the lack of curl was just meh. I didn’t like that experience at all. Then I heard about hair Botox and that was very intriguing to me, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune! So I bought the Medusa Botox Collagen Rewind Treatment from takealot. I bought the small set for R399.00. It says 1 to 2 uses. For me it was 1 use, I just have a lot of hair.

Medusa Botox Collagen Treatment description

“Medusa Botox Collagen Rewind is the new revolutionary hair therapy that allows you to step inside that proverbial time machine and reclaim your healthy hair.  It can smooth away years of damage in thirsty tired strands, rebuild, hydrate, nurse and restore the hair’s natural flexibility to grow.

Collagen is a major component in hair growth, it fights off free radicals which can affect texture, growth, and thickness.  Restoring collagen in the hair shaft can improve hair growth, strengthen hair and increase the diameter of individual hair strands, giving your hair an overall fuller, thicker, stronger and shiny appearance.

Unwanted frizz is effectively reduced for up to 3 months. Your hair will look smoother, be more manageable with a dramatic decrease in styling time.  Collagen is remarkably effective on dry and brittle hair, with the ability to repair split ends.
This treatment fills in the broken and thin areas of each hair strand with collagen, allowing hair to appear full and lustrous, hence the name Botox.”

Let me break it down for you , this may be a long one so get some snacks.
Before hair botox treatment
Before hair botox treatment

So you wash your hair with the clarifying shampoo, if you think you’ve used a clarifying shampoo, you haven’t trust me. This shampoo is amazeballs. It makes your hair squeaky clean, like it can actually squeak. I promise if you have oily hair and struggle to clarify, get the Medusa Clarifying shampoo. You won’t regret it.

Then you have to let your hair dry to 100%. Now I am working from home and I have A LOT of hair. So this literally took at day. By the time I clocked out from “work”, it still wasnt dry but it was 90% there so I continued with the treatment.

You will section your hair and start applying the “Medusa Botox Collagen Rewind Treatment” cream. Leave the product on for 10-20 minutes.

Ok now you have to dry it to 100% again. I did a proper blow dry. But be warned, your hair will feel so iky. I’m not sure if you’ve ever experienced, when you don’t rinse conditioner out properly. You go to blow out your hair and somewhere in the middle it’s so stiff with product? If you have let me know in the comments.

If not you are lucky. When you have thick hair like mine its the worst.

Ironing the Hair

Ok I digress, your hair will be stiff as hell but power through. Once it’s completely dry you can start to iron it. Take very thin slivers, make sure your iron is 230°. I have a brazil Cacau iron and mine displays the temp for me. If yours doesn’t then make sure it at least reaches that temp. You know the temperature that fries your hair like chips, yes that one.

I was so nervous to iron because you have to do 7-8 passes on each piece. And with already damaged hair from bleaching, you can understand why. That first pass, sizzles like a flame grilled burger, don’t stress though it’s the nature of ironing your hair with product on.And this is when the toxic smell will hit you straight in the throat.

No exaggeration, that smells exactly like a Brazilian blow-out if you’ve had one done. But not as bad. That treatment has to be done in a well ventilated area, whereas this one doesn’t specify that.

I’m sorry but I told you it was gonna be long.

Ok so while ironing, it’s gonna get smoky. But don’t worry your hair isn’t burning it’s the product. If you regularly iron your hair you’ll be familiar with the smoke clouds. Post ironing your hair is going to feel amazing, not so stiff and eww anymore.

After hair botox treatment
After hair botox treatment

The instructions say to wait a few hours before washing your hair, which is better than the 3 day wait of the Brazilian. As we are currently on lockdown I waited 3 days simply due to laziness lol.

First wash post Medusa Botox Collagen Rewind Treatment

When you wash your hair for the first time after doing this treatment, you will immediately feel the effects. My hair was so soft and silky in the shower. I usually have to split my hair to brush through the conditioner, I can now finger comb my hair with ease. Also when I brush through said conditioner I use a tangle teezer because your hair is fragile when wet. Typically I lose someone else’s entire ponytail, this time I literally lost 3 or  4 strands.

No more blocked drains, whooo hoooooo.

The best part of all of this loooong process

Drying my hair took me 10 minutes and no brushes required. There is a considerable time saving here.

The cons of this process

The time to do the actual treatment, was brutal my thumb went numb and pulled stiff twice. If you get a Brazilian blow out or ever have and you feel it’s unnecessarily expensive, like I did. You won’t think that anymore after having done this yourself. And going forward we should all tip the stylist. This sh*t is hard and time consuming shew.

My curls are now completely gone (posted on my Instagram stories) . I didn’t take the Brazilian because that isn’t what I was going for. All I wanted was to have healthier more manageable hair. I got much much more. But it’s ok coz that drying time cut down considerably. I used to round brush my hair and it would take me about 25-30 mins to just dry excluding ironing. For me to do my hair on a Sunday I needed to schedule no less that 1hr 15mins. Now 25 minutes total.

Will I use the Medusa Botox Collagen Rewind Treatment again?

Absolutely, I wanted to do a natural journey to fix my curls and get them back, but I’m good yo. I don’t know if I will for sure do it every 3 months because I want to see the after effects on my hair. But this is so awesome. Then again I felt this way about the brazilian for about a month then it was just annoying for my hair to be so straight. I actually enjoy variety lol. So let’s see how this 3 months go. Let me know if I should go a check-in post.

Ok that’s it people. I hope you’ve enjoyed. Please also let me know if you enjoy these longer posts or prefer the short and sweet ones better …⇓ in the comments

Thanks for popping in.



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