The Popular Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation

Wowzer time is flying by hey…almost September already! Before you know the internet will be buzzing with Halloween tutorials and décor ideas. I for one am super excited, but that’s not why we’re here. I found the Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation a few months ago at my Dischem, but the shade range was terrible.

So I decided to go back a few weeks ago and just check, and there were some deeper shades. I just grabbed one, to be honest, I didn’t even test to see if it was a match lol. I happen to do the same thing with the wet n wild photo focus foundation, and I will tell you the universe loves me because it was both a match!

So let me give you the low down on this foundation. Firstly when the Loréal Lumi cushion was all over youtube, I had to have it, but I didn’t feel like paying all those shipping costs. So I didn’t buy it. When I spotted the Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation I had to try it. So as all cushion foundations go, it’s a cushion saturated with foundation (I know, Duh!).

Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation

The Packaging

This is a cute compact that includes its own sponge. What I like about this is that it’s spill-proof and I can toss it into my makeup bag no problem. The clasp on this compact is pretty tough so I don’t foresee any spillage or mess in my makeup bag. It definitely won’t take up a lot of space like a foundation bottle would. Plus when you store it, you can place it easily in one of those drawer compact organizers (if you own one, I don’t btw).

Maybelline Dream Cushion Foundation south africa


The Sponge

I personally don’t like the sponge that it comes with because it’s just too flat and dense. I think because I am so used to the eco tools sponge and the real techniques one, I can’t adjust. What’s more is I wouldn’t want to dampen it then put it back in the compact and toss that into a makeup bag. Can you imagine the smell of that wet sponge that isn’t able to breathe! eeeew?

The Product

I went into this imagining a very light coverage, kinda like a bb cream. I was wrong, maybe it’s because I don’t have a ton to cover up, I mean I could wear concealer under my eyes and I would be good to go. By the way, if you could recommend one with amazing shade ranges I would appreciate it. I just can’t seem to find a concealer that matches me perfectly.

But I digress, so since I have so little to cover up, most foundations look full coverage on me, or that’s my opinion lol. But none the less this to me is not light coverage at all, I would say it’s about a medium coverage, now again if you have acne scarring or anything like that, which you want to cover up it might take a few layers.

Once again I am no selfie queen and I hate putting images of myself on the interweb but here is what it looks like with one even layer (Applied with a real techniques sponge).

Cushion Foundation

The Wear time

Anything and everything lasts all day on me. The only time I have had foundation melt off or disappear was at an event like ‘Life in Colour’ because I was wet. Or in the middle of Summer when even I have a damp forehead because it’s like the middle east outside. I don’t think I have the skin type to tell you about the longevity of any foundation. Plus I work in an air-conditioned office, so really it’s pointless. For me personally, it’s amazing.

Final Thoughts

For the price, which incases I haven’t said, it was R169.00 when I purchased it, I think it’s awesome. Easy to travel with, just enough coverage, and lasts at least until the workday ends for me. These are the most important things to me, and it covers it all. I do however which it was a little dewier.

If you’ve tried this please let us know in the comments how you liked it? Are there any tips you can give the rest of us??

Have a Be YOU tiful weekend loves…


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