May 2015 – Best Of – Part 3 (Random)


Puma Sneakers – I have always been a puma fan…. and at the beginning of 2015 one of my resolutions were no more shoes only sneakers lol , I know I know, its still shoes hahahha. So this was the first pair I bought for this year, so what have I learnt, no more resolutions about footwear lol.

Carmen Hand Spa  – I figured since I do my nails so much I might as well invest in this handy gadget, so it was pretty cheap I paid R199 on  which is about $16 and it does a whole lot. So the tool in the middle is removable and that’s where all the bits fit on to, to file, shape, smooth and buff… then the bigger compartment, has a hand spa which can be filled with water for you to soak your hands, as well creates bubbles for a massaging effect.It also has a dryer, it is so nifty.

Drawer Organizer – This cool hexagon is a drawer organizer, and I use it for my socks. I hate when  I am looking for something and its buried under a whole lot of mess, so this guy is awesome I am going to purchase 1 for every drawer in my dresser! It clips together quickly and easily and you can choose how many pieces to add , depending on the drawer size.

LittleBlack Bag –  To me this is the best thing since sliced bread…It is the coolest monthly subscription ever and I really am enjoying all the goodies I received in it!!!! Those marshmallows were awesome in hot chocolate!

Deneys Swiss – I know that milkshake is generally milkshake….Not this…It is so rich and creamy! And surprisingly filling… This is my new go to skip a meal drink…so awesome…

Well those are all my monthly favs for May

I hope you’ve enjoyed and have a wonderful day!


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