May 2015 – Best Of – Part 1 (Beauty)

Hey Gorgeous!

Today I bring you my May 2015 Favorites, I know it’s late but better late than never 😀

I’ll kick off with some beauty products


The Maybelline Dr. Rescue has only been available here for I think about 2 months or so and I had to have it, and have been using it ever since. I must say the tinted ones are my favorite because I am not really a fan of wearing lipsticks so this is perfect for a little bit of color. This stuff is just awesome in winter and really does help with the chapping of my lips.

Next up nails 

Now I am not an essie color polish fan , to me personally they are a bit over priced especially since I never wear a mani for more than 2 days… But as far as nail treatments go I am really enjoying it, since I do paint my nails a lot and do all sorts of things to it like buff and file and sometimes apply acrylic and false press on nails, I like to reinforce the strength and prefer that my base coats offer some sort of additional protection. The fill the gap helps me fill in the gaps, so that I don’t feel like I have to smooth out my nail with harsh filing. The growth treatment honestly  was an impulse purchase and then I bit my nail out of boredom and started applying this to it, within 2 days my nail had already started growing, this usually takes about 5 days to see some sort of regrowth with me.

Essence Express dry drops – Amazing stuff and soooo affordable, 2 drops on my nail polish or nail art and it goes from wet to dry to the touch in 20 seconds, obviously I can’t go an do dishes immediately but I dont have to be as careful with my nails when I use this….Love it!!!

Brush Cleaning

I know this isnt really beauty items but since dirty brushes have an effect on my skin and the way my make up is applied , I consider it a beauty item… For months I have been looking for a brush cleaner, because like most of us, I also usually use baby shampoo or alcohol, but then I discovered and purchased this bottle of lovely softness for my brushes, and I love it…I use this in conjunction with a brush egg , which I purchased from a lady on Instagram for R150 and I got 2, the brush egg is awesome, especially when compared to the sigma tools prices…It does the job well and I am really enjoying these used together!

Too Faced Candlelight – Now like most girls in the world I looooove my mary-loumanizer. but Oh my! how stunning is this highlight, this as well as bronzer seems to have become a bit of an obsession for me, and man oh man am I glad I got this guy!

Essence Hello Autumn – In case you hadn’t noticed I am obssessed with Essence, simply because the longer this company is around the better their products get without the hefty price tag! This blush is no exception , goes on sooo smoothly, blends like a  dream and most of all it is sooo cool , because it looks like a highlight in the pan, and goes on sheer and a few minutes later as if you  were really blushing there is some color on your cheeks…Pretty cool.

The Essence blending brush – Wow for a drug store product, this feel so high end, super soft, no shedding of the hairs, it is just great! as soon as I can find the other brushes from this line , I will definitely purchase all of them and for me they are very comparable to my real techniques.

Smashbox Pore Minimizing Primer – I’m sure I have previously said I don’t dabble much in the high end of the beauty spectrum, but I had to have this, I tested it in the store 2 months ago and everytime I step in to the mall I had to go past and check it out and then I just took the leap and made the purchase! What a great choice… I have no more pores unless I really want to! I love it!

Catrice and essence – I did a post on the catrice matt shadow palette and I really like it, and now that we here in SA are experiencing Winter, this is my definite go to along with the essence hello Autumn palette. There is no affordable eyeshadow that blend like these … Stunning

Well I hope you’ve enjoyed

Stay tuned for more favs!


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