Mascara Monday #1 : Maybelline Total Temptations

Welcome to the very first post in this series. Mascara Monday was inspired by me recently moving and realizing I have a totally unnecessary amount of mascaras, well to be honest makeup. And so many of them are open but I haven’t posted the reviews yet. So I am hoping with ‘Mascara Monday’ I will be forced to weed out all the BS (excuse my French).

So let me know if you like this type of series and of course this will probably be the longest post of this series. I would like to keep them short and sweet and only address the important highlights.

Mascara Monday #1 : Maybelline Total Temptations

I think this is the newest mascara to my collection, I got it a few weeks ago. And I have to say based on all the hype around it, I don’t get it. That could be because I don’t necessarily only want volume. I want it all and since my lashes curl on their own I don’t need that either. You can find more info on this one here.

Mascara Monday #1 : Maybelline Total Temptations


I will say this though that packaging! I am so into this blush pink lately and I am not by any stretch of the imagination a pink person. But I love this flavor of pink. 🙂

Wear time

I very rarely have issues with mascara leaking, but transferring is a big problem, for me. So if I apply mascara I can’t close my eyes at all until its completely dry. I don’t know if this is just me or not. Then once I apply some setting spray I have to chill for a while or I have panda eyes, with or without liner. The transfer only seems to occur from my top lashes to under my eye… I don’t know why but this happens a lot.

This doesn’t seem to do that. I really like that but as far as providing me with length I don’t get enough of that from this mascara. So I think if all you’re looking for is volume, this will do the trick.

That’s only after 2 coats though. With one coat I get a very natural looking lash, it just blackens them a bit so I don’t look dead. (you know that look right after you apply foundation?)


Ok and it’s maybelline so the price is right for sure. But in comparison to essence it could be better, just saying.

If R135.00 is too much for you, then check out essence cosmetics their average mascara price is around R70.00.

And that’s all folks. Do I like this ?

♥ Packaging – 10/10

♥ Price – 7/10

♥ Volume – 8/10

♥ Lengthening – 6/10

♥ Longevity – 8/10

♥ Brush – 9/10

♥ Total Score = 8/10


My previous post has a giveaway, hurry go check it out

Let me know if you’ve tried this mascara? if you’re going to? or even what’s your current Favorites.

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