Mascara Monday # 5 : L’Oréal X2 vs. the Unforgettable Too Faced

Have you ever wondered why when products land in different countries they have different packaging and do the products perform the same? Well I have, all the time actually. This weeks Mascara Monday I am showing you 3 mascaras, namely : L’Oréal X2 vs. Too Faced.

So last month in my Boxycharm I got the too faced better than sex mascara, and with all the hype on YouTube about the L’Oréal lash paradise being a dupe, I had to know. As I said in my review of that mascara, which you can check out here, I really did find it to be a dupe even though I no longer had the too faced one. But now I finally got a new one. Then L’Oréal released a Lash paradise here too a few months ago and I had to have it to compare to the original but now I can compare all 3.

Mascara Monday # 5

Original Lash Paradise

So again , I already reviewed this one. In that post I tell you all about the purchasing process, price and shipping etc. Mascara Mondays : L’Oréal X2 vs. Too Faced is well underway. Click here to check it out.

Mascara Monday : L'Oréal X2 vs. Too Faced

L’Oréal Lash Paradise Extatic

So the name already suggests that it is different because the original is Voluminous. Then although the tubes are in the same color family, they are different. All that aside, You will see later on that the applicators are very similar. I can’t find this on the clicks website, but I did find the primer, which I haven’t tried yet. I bet with that you will get the same volume as the lash paradise voluminous.

L’Oréal Lash Paradise – Extatic

Too Faced – Better than Sex

This is definitely a cult favorite, this was probably the most used and spoken about mascara in recent years. It held that spot for a long time until L’Oréal lash paradise came and upset the balance. This one is an all in one for sure, no flaking, lengthening, provides the right amount of volume.

So my final thoughts?

If you can afford too faced then go for it, you won’t be sorry. But as far as the similarities between the L’Oréal lash paradise and L’Oréal lash paradise extatic, I think they pretty similar, just the voluminous is a lot more volumizing but I feel like I can build up the extatic if need be.

None of these have flaking and I feel like the extatic is a bit more lengthening than the voluminous.

My favorite of the 3 , I think it’s the extatic for sure. Not only is it readily available here but it I can decide on how much volume I have or create, and I love to be able to control that.

If you’ve tried any of these let me know in the comments, which one you have, and would you want to try any of the others I mentioned.

Let me know if you’re enjoying mascara Mondays and what mascara review you would like to see next.

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