Mascara Mondays # 2: IT Cosmetics Superhero

Hey Scarlets. Welcome back! So this weeks’ mascara Monday is all about the IT cosmetics Superhero mascara. Most noteworthy fact is that this one came in a Boxycharm, sometime last year. And again it has been very much hyped up and let me tell you it is worth the hype for sure.

First of all, this is a mascara that provides me personally with a more natural looking lash and the length I need. Furthermore, as far as volume goes it’s just enough. So I don’t feel like my lashes are overly clumpy, but clumpy enough.

Mascara Monday # 2


This retails for $24 and I now realize I didn’t provide any links to you guys on the Maybelline post. My bad :(. Anyway, this obviously isn’t readily available here in SA but if you can and want to get your hands on this, I say go for it. I don’t believe you will be disappointed. So if you are interested in checking this out and have a means of delivery, you can find it here



Mascara Mondays : IT Cosmetics Superhero

This is my kinda brush for sure, the only thing is that it’s a bit on the long side. That means I keep ending up with a dot of mascara on my nose. And at this point I think people at work believe I have a mole there lol. No I don’t wipe it off coz I am extremely lazy and usually rushing out in the morning.

None the less the size is perfect. It coats my lashes and it fits perfectly without hitting my upper lid.

Wear time

As far as I know this one is not waterproof, but in my opinion is actually long wearing. And just to be clear my definition of long wearing is, that it makes it to the end of a normal work day.

I haven’t yet experienced panda eyes. Just so you know I have also fallen asleep with my makeup on (bad Zee, I know) but no smudging just a little flakiness.

And that does it for this weeks’ Mascara Monday

♥ Packaging – 9/10

♥ Price – 6/10

♥ Volume – 8/10

♥ Lengthening – 8/10

♥ Longevity – 9/10

♥ Brush – 9/10

♥ Total Score = 8.1/10

So I hope you are enjoying this series thus far, if you are or even if you’re not, let me know in the comments. And new review ideas or products you would like to see are also welcome. And if you missed the last mascara Monday, just click here, I reviewed the maybelline total temptations mascara.

Have a Be YOU tiful Day Gorgous


  1. Hi Zee ??so I’d like to know if too faced better than sex mascara is worth all of my money lol Also, are you still using aramex for international shipping?

  2. hey hun! I think it is a really good mascara, I didn’t post a review about it though I lost my sample before I actually photographed it lol. But I think if you can get your hands on the Loreal Lash Paradise mascara they are very very similar. I did post that review on the blog if you would like to check that one out. Yip still using aramex, because my membership was a free lifetime one with the FNB offer they had about 2 years ago :), I don’t think I will cancel unless I really have to

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