Mascara Monday # 3: Essence Volume Stylist is it good???

Mascara Monday Essence Volume Stylist

Hey Scarlet’s. How goes it on this another Monday morning. So in the spirit of mixing things up, I’ve decided to do the Essence Volume Stylist for this weeks’ mascara Monday.

The Essence Volume Stylist is actually readily available here in South Africa and is a drugstore mascara. To be honest I am not sure how I feel about this one because of all the Essence mascara’s I’ve used my favorite is still the Lash Princess one. Between high end and drugstore I think that is my holy grail for sure.

As far as this goes I would say the name is pretty accurate and it is for sure a volume mascara. I don’t feel like it provides much length.

♥ Volume – 9/10

♥ Lengthening – 7/10


This one can be found on takealot for R65.00, but I got mine from Clicks. I can’t remember how much I paid at time though. There are 2 in this line, so this one is the ‘Lash Extension’ one, which is meant to provide length as well. Again for me it is just not the kind of length I personally want.

And then there is the pink one which is meant to curl your lashes. Which I haven’t tested, because I don’t need curl. So I very rarely purchase one that does that.

♥ Price – 10/10

Back to the Essence Volume Stylist.


This I find I can’t stand in one of those acrylic organizers with the tube slots. But I can put it into one of the bigger compartments. Or I usually just add it to one of my drawer organizers, which allows it to lay on it’s side.

♥ Packaging – 8/10


Once more I only ever need this to go for 8-10 hours. Which it usually does. I haven’t had any instance where it disappears during the day. As it get’s older and drier though there is some flaking.

♥ Longevity – 9/10


Essence Volume Stylist

I quite like this one. I am not the biggest fan of those rubber brushes. Unless I want separation. I feel like this is the perfect volume type of bristles. Let me know what you think?

♥ Brush – 9/10


♥ Total Score = 8.6/10

So that does it for this week! I really hope you are all enjoying this series. Once again if not feel free to express yourself in the comments below 😉

Also don’t forget to pop in on my previous post over here 🙂 

Have a wonderful week ahead Gorgeous!

You’re worth it.


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