Mascara Mondays # 6: Essence I need a Miracle

Hey beautiful, welcome back! Here we are at Mascara Monday’s, number 6, wow! I must say I am very impressed with myself, because this is the furthest I’ve gotten into a “series” here on the blog lol. Yes there were gaps but it’s still going-ish right. So we doing another affordable one this week. We are talking about a newer one to me, the “Essence I need a Miracle” mascara.

So do I need a miracle, no, but I do love long lashes and I very rarely ever look for volume, because I can easily create that with almost any mascara. If you’re wondering how, I can use a primer or just let each layer dry and add another. I do about 2-3 coats and bam volume. The Essence I need a miracle mascara feels like it focuses more on volume than length.

Packaging – Essence I need a Miracle

It’s a bit fat for my liking. I prefer a skinnier tube, I know I sound like I’m judging something by it’s shape, but I need space in my bag for things like pens and journals, not mascara. Just saying. But really it’s not bad but it’s bulkier than most, and I’m not a fan. At the same time, maybe the bulk means more product…. Who knows!? But this one is for sure all about that base, that base.


Essences’ price is always right! You can’t beat it especially for the quality you get. This one retails for about R80.00 which really isn’t too bad. I found it on taka lot, so you can check it out here, if you like. But I actually bought mine from Clicks, I just can’t find it on the website for you, sorry.


Essence I need a Miracle mascara

It’s a very fluffy brush and reminds me kind of the L’OrĂ©al lash paradise, which you can see here, and let me know if I’m insane. But I like it, it grips every hair and coats it well, with enough separation and length.


At first it’s a wet formula, but like all mascaras, it does tend to dry up a bit and that’s when I think it performs at it’s best. After you open it, just let it chill for a few days then it’s awesome. I had a lot of transfer on the first day, but I didn’t use it for about a week, and that’s only because I forgot about it. When I found it again, it was perfect. No immediate transfer and no flaking throughout the day.

However, if like me you have a friend at work that makes you laugh all day and laugh till you cry, then don’t use this one. It will run and smudge and obviously because it’s not waterproof.


Final thoughts

Look at my lashes, it’s not super dramatic or anything but for me this is absolutely enough to look like I at least have lashes. The length doesn’t compare to lash princess but if you need a miracle on the daily, this is it. It’s going to give you enough lash to look like you’re not wearing anything or even trying too hard. But enough to show you tried.

If that’s good enough for you like it is for me, especially for a 5 minute face, this is it. Have you tried this or any other essence mascaras that you love, let me know in the comments.

So that’s it for this week, I hope you enjoyed and if there is something in particular you would like me to review, please let me know in the comments.


Otherwise have a beautiful day gorgeous! You’re worth it!



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