Mascara Mondays # 4 : Diorshow Mascara

Hey Scarlet’s

What a month, shew. This week I’m doing a Mascara Monday on the Diorshow mascara. To be totally honest I forgot I had this lol. It came in my Jaclyn Hill allure box in Dec 2017 if I’m not mistaken. If you love makeup and don’t watch or haven’t watched Jaclyn on YouTube, you must be living under a rock. Dior is such a high end brand and what better way to mix up these Mascara Monday posts. We don’t all, always use drugstore, right!?

We aren’t here to discuss her or that allure box though, today we are chatting about this mascara drum roll please.

Mascara Monday – Diorshow Mascara

Now, I’m a normal girl who likes things especially makeup but my taste is like Louboutin and my pocket is like Mr. Price, so this is not something I ever thought I would own.

Anyway since this is a sample the size of the brush threw me off a bit. It’s gigantic for this tube size, and its not a twist tube, you have to pull out the wand. But never the less it’s so fluffy and I feel like it has that effect on my lashes. I actually did really enjoy finding and testing this one, but tbt I can’t afford to keep re-purchasing it.

♥ Volume – 9/10

♥ Lengthening – 6/10

This mascara creates such fluffy voluminous lashes, I love it. My lashes never clump up. It lasts all day with no flaking. This one is a winner for sure.

Mascara Monday Diorshow Mascara


This is a whopping $29.50 for a full size which currently is R422. That’s just madness. It’s more expensive that a setting spray which has a longer shelf life. If you’re interested you can purchase it at Sephora …. Remember to consider the shipping costs too, just sayin.

♥ Price – 4/10


I don’t particularly like the pull out wand, because I almost broke it. But the brush is amazing, a bit too long, but the bristles are awesome.

♥ Packaging – 7.5/10


Once more I only ever need this to go for 8-10 hours. Which it usually does. I haven’t had any instance where it disappears during the day. Also if you do more than 2 coats it does start to flake off.

♥ Longevity – 7/10

So my overall rating for this one is ….

♥ Total Score = 8.6/10


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