March Beauty Wish List

Good Morning Gorgeous!

I guess as a beauty fanatic I will always have a wish list but I have recently come across some products in SA that I thought were only available overseas and I am sooo excited…the saving begins here because the price tags on these are not exactly affordable especially for a mom on a budget lol.

First Up – Foreo Mini – Since I kinda just started with the facial brush I really don’t want to splurge right now on this but this thing is so modern looking , it talks to me daily asking me to buy it…If you’ve tried it , please let me know your thoughts before I splurge this kinda cash on a facial cleaner… Skin care is super important but seriously R1900 (approx $156.00) is no joke… This is currently available on Zando

Then the Kat von D : Shade and Light palette – The only place I have found this so far is on wantitall (Our kinda E-bay ) for products that are not readily available in this country, but they seriously inflate their prices and I would much rather wait (even though I am so impatient) for a delivery from e-bay then spend money on this site. Priced at around R2074 (Approx $164)…

Yankee Candle – I eventually found the yankee candle store in a mall close to me and almost lost it lol… We don’t get bath and body works here yet, and that’s ok for now because these candles smell amazing… so in love with this Midsummers Night fragrance… This one is definitely on my shopping list already for my next haul!

Sigma Glove – To be honest the only real reason I want this is because its turquoise… and I NEED my brushes clean at all times and this just looks like a cool way to clean them I guess…the power of youtube lol… Retail price R625.00 and is avaialble on Turquoise Studio

Makeup Storage –  I know many beauty guru’s love their acrylic storage, but is this one just not so gorgeous…so sophisticated…I need it in my life , like yesterday… This is available on 27pinkx , along with other storage items and colors as well… Price on this specific one is R1680 (Its called The Platinum)

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know your thoughts on these items..the good , the bad and the ugly 🙂


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