March 2015 – Best Of – Part 1 (Beauty)

Hey Gorgeous!

So its the long weekend and my brain is already on holiday lol… I updated this post in error , thinking I was writing my part 2. 🙁


1. Too Faced Natural Eyes – This is one of my 2 high end eye shadow palettes, and I have to say this is definitely my favorite one. The packaging is sleek and great to carry in my purse just in case of emergency, it is highly pigmented, comes with instruction or guidelines for looks to create, and is natural looking tones, what more could a girl ask for…wait! I know! More of that please!.

2. Essence soo glow – there isn’t much to say about this little guy except to me it resemble the Mary Lou manizer and for a product from the lower end of the drugstore options it rocks! It applies like a cream product which is great for me and my dry skin and blends like a powder , I really am enjoying this one. It is not shimmery at all , just give a nice subtle natural glow!

3. Avon Lipstick in ‘Very Violet ‘ – I’m not a big lipstick wearer but sometimes a little color doesn’t hurt, and since I got this rick and creamy lipstick I find myself reaching for it more often than any other product I have. I really wish I had purchased more shades, this really just feels more like lip balm than lipstick to me.

4. Blistex Deep Renewal – I use this guy as part of my night time routine, and I have to say it is amazing, my lips feel so nourished in the morning. With Autumn upon us and Winter not so far away , I think this guy is going to be a definite lip saver, before I found this I used to just apply some vaseline but I don’t think I’ll be doing that anymore!

5. LA Girl glide gel liner – Now this product I purchased because I saw Lustre Lux use it (she’s a beauty guru on Youtube) and she is one of my favorites to watch. Let me tell you she did not lie, this stuff glide on and stays on, it’s very pigmented, and so far I only own 2 shades, black and aquatic, but I find myself reaching for this even more than a normal gel liner! Love it!

6. Revlon Bold Lacquer – This was a definite impulse buy because it was on sale at DischemSA for 50% off, and it is a buy I do not at all regret, I have pretty dark and longish lashes , so 1 coat of this and my lashes instantly touch my eyelids. It is how do you say…Miraculous! Plus it doesn’t get clumpy and looks so natural! An awesome product for sure…

Now I hope I don’t overwrite any other posts! Weekend vibes lol!

Hope you enjoyed!



  1. I am absolutely thrilled to have found your blog! I’m forty years old and only just recently started really getting into makeup, so a blog like this is very helpful to follow. I noticed that you said that you wish that you had bought different shades of the Avon Lipstick. So you know, Avon currently has a great deal on that very lipstick for 5/$20. Check out my store at if you are interested in buying more. Have an amazing day!

    1. Thank u so much, I’m so glad to know I’m providing info, I know how it feels not to know where to start with makeup… I’m in SA and already have an Avon agent here but will check ur link as well!

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