March 2015 – Best Of – Part 2 (Skin Care)

Hey Gorgeous!

Here we go with Skin Care!


1. Body Shop overnight serum-in-oil – As I said in my haul post , this was a re-purchase, so for someone with dry skin this stuff is amazing and since I don’t mind looking like a shiny new coin at night it’s awesome. by the time I actually get to sleeping it is full absorbed, and I wake up feeling plump and hydrated!

2. Body Shop Vitamin E Face mist – If you’ve been reading my post for a while you probably know that I don’t like to mix products lol, but I really do enjoy this mist in the morning, I use it after my moisturizer routine (yes I have a whole routine) but before I apply my foundation and I don’t ever feel cakey since I started doing this.

3. Nature’s Nourishment Shea butter eye cream – this is not a product I see much anti ageing effects from but I most certainly notice that my concealer doesn’t crease as much on me, and I started incorporating this into the routine after the Facial mist so I know that it is doing something lol.

4. Sorbet Skin Wipes – I obviously opted for the Hydro range just to test out their skin care range of products and this is the most unique facial wipes I have ever come across , the one side of the wipe is smooth and I use that side to initially remove my make up , then you flip it over and the other side has beads in which helps to exfoliate, my skin is waaaay cleaner now and alot less irritated. I really thought that the exfoliating would be harsh but not at all!

5. Elizabeth Arden Optimizing Skin Serum – I did a review type post on this product and seriously my skin glows immediately after application , it also feels alot more supple. If I run out of this I am definitely re-purchasing it. It absorbs easily and smells great!

6. Formula 10.0.06 – I also did a post on this , and well worth the R37.00 which was completely unexpected lol, I really thought it would be alot more expensive, but for sensitive skin this is great as part of the make up removal routine…. I do enjoy this one alot.

I hope you enjoyed and only 2 more categories to go 😀 !



    1. Thanks! My skin type is dry , but no I certainly dont feel oily at all even if I use a dewy foundation like the Maybelline fit me, it also helps me alot to prevent caking of my make up…I hope this helps 🙂

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