March 2015 – Best Of – Finale (Random)

Hey Butiful!

This is my final post for today and possibly the weekend 😀

These are a few random items that made it onto the list…


First Up the Sorbet Gel Eye Mask – I love this thing , when I have puffy eyes it really helps calm them, how to use, I place mine in the freezer for 10-15 minutes and if it doesn’t give me brain freeze lol it really helps with puffy eyes, and to me its alot better than using cucumber. I sit with them for about 5 mins on my face then I proceed to massage the beads to relax my face! Perfect for home spa days as well!

Then Fresh in a flash brush cleaner – this product is from Rubybox and I received in a few months ago in one of my subscription boxes, it really does last forever lol , and I use this stuff daily! I despise dirty brushes and germs lol, very easy to use and really does refresh brushes instantly. I use it immediately when I’m done with my makeup application and when I sit down to do my makeup the next day my brushes are clean and fresh!

Eye gene – Recently my eyes have been red and feel very dry and painful especially at night, I think it may be the computer usage during the day, but using these eye drops provides some relief and really helps me to sleep more comfortably, without irritated eyes 🙂

Rings ( top right corner) – these little guys I purchased on superbalist, I’m sure you may have noticed that I really like the midi rings as well as really funky costume jewelry , not much  of a diamonds girl. So I bought these simply because I couldn’t resist.

Sanitizer Spray – I got this because I had only seen the sanitizer gels and foams in SA, and there is some cool nail art to be done with this guy, plus it disinfects all my makeup tools, quick and easy! Now I know for sure there is no germs getting onto my face…Yay! I found this one in the isles of DischemSA

So I hope you’ve enjoyed this months’ favorite series , I can’t wait to see everyone else’s favorites, I love these types of posts and YouTube video’s

Have a stunning weekend butiful and Happy Easter to all those celebrating!!!



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