Makeup wishlist : October 2017

These days there are sooo many beauty products on the market, and it is kinda impossible to purchase every single thing, so it’s taken me almost a week to narrow my list down, yes a week, but here are some of the goodies I am hoping to purchase in the near future, please note I said ‘HOPE’ because I am sadly not made of money. Also, I am trying to go on a ‘No Buy’, but wow, is it hard when you decide to not purchase anything like the universe keeps throwing obstacles my way, new product launches, sales…It needs to stop.


Essence Contouring Brush – RRP R64.95

“I have too many brushes!” said no girl ever. I mean I have my brush cleaning days and juuust in case something comes up, I need backups. Recently, I have been trying to contour more, but the thing is those flat contouring brushes, creates a really harsh contour, I like mine a little softer and blown out, I think this brush would do that for me.


2in1 color correcting & contouring brush – RRP R59.95

2in1 color correcting & contouring brush

See above comments lol… But honestly, I like the brush because of its color. I love this shade of blue and that is clearly a problem. I also like dual ended brushes, because they are multi-purpose and I am trying to carry a makeup bag. No, I am not one of those fanatics that have a makeup bag, so this one would be great to toss in there in case of emergencies.

Essence Super Beauty Sponge – RRP R64.95

Super beauty sponge

One day when I feel brave enough to show you a picture of all the make-up sponges that I  have, you will understand why I want this one.I feel like the original beauty blender is amazing, no doubt, but it’s expensive for the average person, aka me! I like exploring my options, so that’s why I keep trying more and more sponges.

Now that we have the TOOLS out of the way, let’s move on to some products.

Glamglow Gravity Mud: Power Rangers Edition

RRP I’m not sure but the last one was R280.00

Go Go Power Rangers – I mean who didn’t watch this as a kid??? Like the Sonic Mask, glamglow is playing the nostalgia card here. I need it because it’s power rangers, and how impulsive can one person be? I need to stop. However, that gold is going to look so cool! Let me know if you will be purchasing this, and why?

Essence Fresh & Fit Range – RRP R79.95

They had me at Pore Minimizing effect! In this post, I am only including the primer because I am not sure if I will find my foundation shade, but it’s giving me Maybelline Fit Me vibes, with that name. I mean cranberry water?! If this doesn’t smell delicious, I am going to break down into tears…I love cranberry anything!

Urban Decay – Shapeshifter – RRP R850.00


Urban Decay – Shapeshifter

I did say I was getting into contouring, right? As the #UD brand goes, I want my contour to look flawless and natural, I have high hopes that this product will do that for me. If you’ve tried it, Please please let me know just in case I am about to waste my money!

Essence – Correct to Perfect concealer palette – RRP R79.95

Essence Correct to Perfect palette

I feel like this trend is dying out, but my dark circles refuse to die with it, so here I am looking for my ideal product to hide these pesky circles! I prefer cream products because of my dry skin, so fingers crossed that this one is a winner.

Essence – Prismatic Hololighter – RRP R79.95

I mean who doesn’t love a good highlighter? And if this one really is holographic, then I would basically be a unicorn…Yes, please! A highlighter is actually what started my obsession with make-up…When I knew I could glow, I was all in…Hopefully, I can do a best and worst of highlighters soon 😉

And last but not least 

Glamglow Setting Spray – RRP R400.00

Glamglow Setting Spray

I don’t think I “NEED” another setting spray, but I need this one hahaha! Again dry skin, setting sprays are my jam, because I don’t enjoy powders. So if not why not right? On this list, I will have to play ‘Inky Pinky Ponky’ because some of these are not cheap items…At All! Wish me luck!

You can find essence cosmetics at Clicks, Dischem, Foschini, Edgars and

Glamglow is available at Edgars and Foschini

And Urban Decay is available at Foschini and Urban Decay Stores.


So I hope you guys enjoyed my list, please let me know what’s on yours, maybe I will be my usual scatter brain self and swap out some items.

Go have an amazing day gorgeous! You’re worth it!



  1. It’s nice that you went through so many products and gave your feedback on the ones you felt were good. Thanks.

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