Makeup Revolution : Conceal and Define Foundation

Hey Scarlet’s

Hows it hanging? Since the launch of Makeup Revolution here in South Africa, the thing I was most excited about was this foundation. This name “Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation” is a mouthful though, isn’t it?

But when they launched, they released the stick foundation first, and to be honest I wasn’t very keen on trying it since I had just tried the L’Oréal one. So I waited, and waited and then it arrived yay!

Makeup Revolution Shade Range

This seems to be a very big thing here on the internet but from what I can see makeup revolution, along with many of my favs like Maybelline and L’Oreal seem to do shade ranges very well. And for day to day I am not about to spend R400+ on a single foundation every month, are you?

So back to the shades, from what I can find on their website there are 50 shades in this range and what’s better is its cruelty-free. Now, to be honest, vegan products, etc. has never been an issue for me, and I will continue to use products which may not necessarily be vegan because I like them, but I am trying to better about the cruelty issue. I am not exactly an animal lover (more so because I am allergic) but I am humane. So this is a plus for me.

The shade I chose was F11, you can check it out here.


Makeup Revolution concealer

This one has a doe foot and as I said in my wet n wild review, I am not the biggest fan because of the dipping into the bottle. This is however a glass luxurious bottle. But unlike a tube that you can’t easily or comfortably make a foundation concoction, and I love mixing my foundations along with other things. That to me a big downer, but then the rose gold get’s me.


I don’t really detect a strong fragrance but it sure does smell like make-up. It is a lot better than the Physicians formula smell. That review will be coming soon.


I bought mine while Clicks had their 3 for 2 sale recently, so I got a free liner, but the usual price is R220.00.

To be honest, when it comes to drugstore foundation I much prefer the Maybelline fit me price, of R110.00 (approx.) but this packaging is so gorgeous so I get why it’s more expensive.


This claims to be full coverage, I don’t think it is. To me, this is more a medium to full coverage depending on your application. On the daily, I am certainly not going for full coverage.

So I tend to sheer this out with a dampened sponge, instead of using a brush.


I know the shade is wrong but I bought it online and I was winging it. But on the first swipe it looks pretty full coverage right? It’s not, like most foundations that changes once you start to blend it out.Can you build it up? Yes, definitely, and for the best result, I would say use a brush.

It is also a tad matte for me so I add in a drop of their primer oil to make it a little more hydrating and dewy.

Wear Time

This will for sure last all day, after about 6 hours mine became a little dewier, but since I don’t get oily at all, I like it.

I feel like the longer I had it on the more it meshed with my skin and started to look like my skin but better. It did, however, gather (crease) a tad in my smile lines but after I patted it out, I was fine and that’s considering I don’t use powder to set.

So down to the nitty-gritty.

Is this for you? Well, I say all make-up is worth trying for yourself to know for sure. But as a dry girl, I actually like it.

I won’t wear this one without any additional hydration, whether that be from your primer or adding that drop of oil. If you are planning to wear this as your daily foundation and want a more natural look, use a sponge.

You can always use a brush to build up the coverage where you need to. Or even just spot conceal where necessary. Would I say run out and buy it right now? Yes, but only because it’s pretty to look at LOL.

But seriously try it first, I know we don’t have the best sampling system here, but there are testers. Maybe go in, test it on a patch of your skin, go about your shopping and see how you feel at the end of your trip before committing to the purchase.

Have you tried the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define Foundation or anything else from Makeup revolution and what should I review next?

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