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Getting your face clean after all the make up we sometimes apply can feel like such a daunting task…my theory is use products that are good for YOUR skin type… So these are the ones I have tried and tested…Note I have dry sensitive skin.


Coconut Oil :

On my previous post Clean canvas I spoke about how I use the coconut oil to clean my face , and for specifically this stuff is amazing because it is All Natural and hydrating at the same time so this will always be my no.1 option..I cannot remember the price on this , but I have been using it for more than 6 months already and only now starting to make a dent in the jar.

Rimmel – Let it Go :

I do really like this for removing eye make up because my skin is so sensitive , it will only start burning if I clean too much , lol , I know who cleans too much , well perhaps when wearing waterproof mascara, then I really have to CLEAN my eyes and it then does burn, other than that I like it… retail approx R80.00

Formula 10.06 :

This is have only been using for a bout a week or 2 , but wow, other than the coconut oil this stuff rocks! Sensitive skin users should love this stuff and it retails for about R38.00 at ClicksSA

Neutrogena :

Sadly I love neutrogena products but from the first use this really burnt especially around my eyes and nose , also it dries me out so I would recommend this one to people with normal to oily skin types. This I received from a friend so I am not sure on the price.

Dove make up remover wipes :

Now this really feels like cotton, its really not your everyday remover wipe, this also will not immediately remove the waterproof make up but the feeling is awesome …retail is around R30.00 a pack (perhaps mine was on sale) ….

The mini tin is from dischem also around R20.00 and is lipstick remover, I really just bought this because its so cute…

So if I had to choose

I would start with Formula 10.06 on a cotton pad , followed by a dove wipe , then ensure cleanliness and replace moisture with the coconut oil…

I hope you enjoyed and found some helpful info


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