Fancy Footwork

Hey Gorgeous!

So this one is all about my feet, I’m certainly not a sandal girl but beautiful feet is for everyone. Once a week I take some time out to pamper my feet and I don’t like to show them off in public, so pedicures at the salon is definitely out.

I start with dry feet, this is when I file my feet. I follow this up with removing all my nail polish if any, then clip the nails and trim my cuticles.

Now I will use a rough skin remover.

At this stage I massage my feet with some foot scrub, then soak them if I am in the mood for prune feet. Then I will dry them off and massage in a silicone sock cream by Avon, and a cuticle oil by Sally Hansen. Once this has absorbed and if I decide to do this at night , which is 90% of the time, I will put on some vaseline and socks, weird I know but this does wonders for my feet. and then off to la la land for me…

I’ve recently seen that Sorbet has moisture socks which I cannot wait to get my hands on along with the moisture gloves.


That’s all from me for today…

Have an amazing evening!


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