Love and Judgement

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We are all spiritual beings having a human experience at this point in existence,and having a human experience means that we are in a world of duality, meaning there is 2 sides to every coin, there will be ups and downs , and right and wrong, and good and bad. Having said that it doesn’t mean you should only choose one side… Just re-train the mind to be ok. Hate, anger, sadness, these are all deemed ‘bad’ emotions, but are they really, because at the end of the day when you have experienced these things you are still YOU, so who decided they are bad… YOU did! So as the quote from the Dalai Lama says LOVE is the absence of judgement…when you start loving yourself unconditionally instead of judging yourself, and learning to let go of the judgement within us , perhaps we could just be … And to the above quote –  I don’t think it defines who you are but who you are choosing to be at that moment… Your thoughts?



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