Review: Loréal Lash Paradise Mascara + [Giveaway] – {CLOSED}

I don’t know about you but ever since I seen Tati, Kathleenlights and probably 90% of youtube rave about the Loréal lash paradise mascara, I had to have it! Then I figured loréal products come to South Africa pretty quickly after launch, or at least that’s how it was with the infallible foundation. That obviously didn’t happen in this case so I ordered it from Amazon, don’t go anywhere there is something in it for you too at the end.


This wasn’t too bad but these days is giving me issues with my card, payments are showing as declined on their side until I ‘update’ my details like 5 times then it goes through, please let me know if any of you are experiencing this too, because my card cannot possibly be reading as damaged for an online purchase lol.


It’s very pink. I know I have a beauty blog and may appear to be girly, but I do not like this colour. Never the less it reminds me of the too faced better than sex packaging and wand. I really did enjoy that mascara but the price is what keeps me from re-purchasing it, and now I no longer have to long for the Too Faced because Loréal lash paradise saved the day.



So all of the things I just mentioned don’t really matter if the product inside doesn’t do what it needs to, and let me tell you that the Loréal Lash Paradise mascara lives up to the hype 100%. So to give you some perspective I am ‘THE’ makeup artist or makeup fanatic of my group of friends’ and I have tried this mascara on all of my friends’ lashes. Obviously, we are all very different and have very different needs. This guy amazed everyone, from the friend who has lashes for days and doesn’t even need mascara to the friend who had on lash extensions for the better part of a year and is only now starting to grow her natural lashes back, it works on everyone.


So I paid $6.49 [R77.18] on Amazon for it, I just checked the site and this seller is now selling it for $7.09 [R84.31] for a once off purchase. Now as you know Loréal mascaras aren’t typically super affordable, I usually purchase the Telescopic which is currently R199.95 at Clicks. My delivery from Aramex global shopper was R199.00, which, if divided by the 4 products I purchased from Amazon, means that the mascara would have cost me R126.18. You can decide if it is worth it or not, now I am not saying go and import 1 item, that would be silly but if you are already planning a purchase, just add the lash paradise to your cart.


Would I buy this again? absolutely, I genuinely think it is awesome. There is no flaking during the day, it doesn’t need an army to remove it at the end of the day either. The one I have is not waterproof but it does come in that variant but that one is $8.95, you can decide which you would prefer and I have to say since this one stays so well, I can’t imagine the waterproof wouldn’t be just as good.


When I made this purchase I got 2 juuust in case I liked and I do, yipeee, so what does that mean for you? One of you lucky readers gets to win your own ‘Loréal Lash Paradise Mascara‘ and since it is not the largest item to Giveaway I have decided to include a Mini Tartiest lash paint mascara too.  It is just a little token of my appreciation for all of your continued support. There will be lots more giveaways coming, so stay tuned for that, in the meantime the rules are simple :

  • Must be Subscribed to my blog
  • Open to SA residents only
  • Ensure the information you provide is correct so you are in fact contactable
  • Go follow me on Pinterest
  • Re-Pin the giveaway image
  • Leave me a comment on this post telling me your current favourite drugstore mascara
  • Once a winner is chosen and contacted you will have 72 hours to respond or a new winner will be chosen

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Happy pinning and good luck beauties

As always have a Be YOU tiful day! You’re worth it!



  1. Hey Scarlet…

    I agree, this mascara is awesome – i used it as part of make-up trials lol, no army needed to remove it at the end of the day, no flaking and irritation like other mascaras that dry out. It’s light and i had forgotten that i was even wearing mascara. Plus it makes my long lashes voluminous 😉

  2. Not that I am aware of however a really good mascara option is the Essence Lash Princess! I love that one and it’s affordable too.

  3. i love this mascara; it’s the one I’m using currently. I also got tired of waiting for L’Oreal SA to bring it in, so I asked a friend who travelled to the US to pick it at Ulta. I haven’t had the guts to use my Global Shopper account or amazon yet.

    1. I don’t know which one you mean but I am dying to try the loreal voluminous butterfly sculpt mascara…

    1. I love the lash princess and the maybelline colossal (oldy but goody ) LOL … This L’Oreal is blowing my mind though!

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