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Hey Scarlet’s


How’s things? Today I am reviewing the L’Oreal Infallible Long wear Shaping Stick Foundation and to give you guys some info about where I’ve been. For me as I’m sure you can tell from the lack of posts have been feeling a bit iffy!

So firstly I got a new job YAY!!! I am super excited about that, but in doing so I obviously had to do a handover at my current employer, which was not the easiest task. Then I had to get into a new mindset for a new environment and new challenge. Unfortunately that meant I had to take a moment from blogging. During that “break” I really wasn’t feeling the same motivation, because I can never decide what to write about.

Does anyone else feel this way sometimes or is it just me?

But I am back now and since I just started, please bare with me while I get into the groove of things. I am genuinely hoping to be able to prioritize my blog better now and post more frequently. But since I am such a perfectionist [sometimes] it makes it very hard not to give 100% to the task at hand.

Anyhoo, just thought I would fill you in a bit, being a blogger and having a full time job while being a mom and wife is quite a lot but I am sure I can make it work, mostly because I don’t like to be told I CAN’T do something!

Ok, ok for real let’s talk about this foundation. So if you follow me on Instagram @scarletpiperblog, go follow me if you don’t 😀 please. when I posted this I did mention in the caption that the lady who offered to assist me at Dischem, kept telling me it was a concealer and I even had to show her the package says FOUNDATION. But to be honest after using it I understand where the confusion comes from. So let me break it down for you.


Loréal Infaillible Longwear Shaping Stick Foundation

Loréal Infaillible Longwear Shaping Stick Foundation

Firstly is it just me or does this say IN FAI LLIBLE? Am I imagining this spelling?


I personally love it coz it’s so portable, but it’s kinda ewww if like me you share your make-up or at least do applications for other people. Rubbing the stick on my face just groses me out. So I prefer to apply it to a brush then buff it in, but now that I think about it, it’s the same thing!

I dunno I have to find a more sanitary way to use it. But as far as portability goes I really do like it to have with me all the time. One other downside is that in this South African summer we run the risk of the product melting and possibly leaking in our makeup bags, but that hasn’t happened to me yet, knock on wood!


I am pretty sure I paid about R129 for this, so compared to most loreal foundations’  that’s quite a steal. But I can’t be 100% sure because I threw away the receipt like mad women [face palm slap].

But based on the price point and the way it’s intended to be used, I would certainly not have a problem with getting a few shades so I can contour and highlight all with one product.


Again the thought of rubbing it on my face is just ewww, however I did actually do that the first time I used it. This looks like a stripe of paint on the skin, if not blended it looks like it is going to be super full coverage and cakey. Personally I found the best way to blend is a brush, even though I don’t usually use a brush for foundation due to my skin being dry.

But lightly buffed in, it looks stunning. A sponge like with most products definitely sheers out the formula quite a bit so for day to day that’s my preferred coverage, but with the sponge and the lines of product on the face I feel like it doesn’t blend as well.

As I said above this mofo is thick AF, therefore I understand when people confuse it for a concealer. But with the right techniques you can definitely make it look a lot more natural and less heavy.

So my recommendations – For my skin [dry/normal combo]

Firstly moisturize well, as always, in my previous post I did a skincare line, that moisturizer is awesome. Apply your favorite primer. Now draw this on your face. Blend with your brush. This will give you a nice even layer and light to medium coverage. If you require another full layer then do the same but this time blend with your dampened beauty sponge.

If you just want to slightly even your skin without it looking like you’re wearing makeup then after you blended with a brush go over your skin with a dampened sponge. This makes for a much lighter more natural looking application.

Wear time

If you don’t set this with powder, on my skin after about 4 hours it looked very dewy. I personally enjoy that but if you don’t I would stress to you to set this foundation. If you’re afraid of looking too powdery or cakey, don’t worry a setting spray can fix that.

You’re probably wondering,

♥ Does she even like the L’Oreal Infallible Long wear Shaping Stick Foundation, the answer is it depends lol. So overall yes I do like it but in moderation. I don’t like to build this foundation up because I feel like it can be a tad cakey for me.

♥ Does it settle into everything? Yes eventually it does, but for work it really doesn’t matter to me.

♥ Is it affordable – hell yeah and therefore it is more an everyday type of foundation for me.

I mean really who wants to spend R500+ on foundation every 1-2 months? Not me that’s for sure.

♥ Is this something I would recommend ? Yes but I am not entirely sure about oilier skin types. I have a feeling you’d end up looking like a disco ball.

And if you are oily and have tried this please let us know in the comments how it went.


And there you have it, my take on the L’Oreal Infallible Long wear Shaping Stick Foundation

Hope to see you back here soon 😉

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