LA Girl Setting Spray – Awesome or Not?

On the last day before lockdown I shopped my ass off. I got so many new things and just in time too. One of those items was the new LA Girl setting spray. I happened to come across this in the Dischem catalogue and I had to get it. There are also glowy ones, but I’m still working on the Iconic spray I received in my Boxycharm so I didn’t want too many illuminating ones, although they for sure are my favorite.

Any whoo, setting spray is an absolute essential for me personally, especially when I have to use any kind of powder. I despise that powdery cakey look on my skin. I just can’t handle it. And to date I think the only setting spray I’ve used that I cannot deal with, is the Avon one. I can’t, it makes my skin feel so tight and unnatural. But otherwise most setting sprays/mists for me are a good find. Of course some are better than others but like essentially they do what they are supposed to, in my opinion.

The Packaging

But the odd this is it has 2 caps??? I don’t know why but it is what it is , no biggy to me. I like the sprayer on here too. It’s a bit aggressive but oddly enough I kinda like it. I don’t like when the spray is so fine, that you’re not even sure if you’ve sprayed your face, is this just me?

The bottle is plastic which I find is very common but I’m not complaining though, I knock things off my desk all the time, so for me this is perfect.

Let me know in the comments if you prefer high-end / glass packing instead?

LA Girl Setting Spray

LA Girl Setting Spray

This is a very simple design, the bottle is very straight forward. Again I don’t mind that at all. The spray nozzle to me is awesome. It not as airy as say the cover fx ones, or skindinavia, but it does what it needs to. Oh and I haven’t had that droplet issue with it, but I do give it a quick squirt before applying it to my face.

I think some people may think it’s too aggressive. In that case I would say, if you do have a bottle with a pump you prefer, and it’s empty, just pour this liquid into that one and problem solved. That’s what I do. If I find spray bottles I like , I don’t discard them, I keep at least 2 around , just incase.

Ok the dry down is not immediate, this one takes a few minutes to set. Like most sprays, if you use powder that dry look disappears immediately (obviously). Does it affect the wear of my makeup. I can’t say I’ve noticed anything spectacular, but I have tried it with my Nyx Born to glow foundation, I have a review which you can read over here. And when I’ve used it with that foundation I did feel like it locked it in a bit better. But again while at home now, I feel it’s very hard to tell, coz everything is so chill.

Aaaaand we can’t touch our faces, and I’m a huge face toucher lol. I usually end up with zero foundation on my chin by the end of the day. So this in conjunction with the current situation, I think it makes for good makeup days. And for the sensitive this is a joke, I don’t think there is anything funny about Covid19. But I am also a big believer in making light of a f@#$&ed up situation.

So personally, I don’t think the LA Girl Setting Spray is super locking like let’s say the Urban Decay All nighter. But It has a very natural finish more like the Wet n Wild Natural finish spray. What I didn’t mention in that post is that , when I use the Wet n wild, it really does give you a natural finish, but again that one is a great refresher spray. The LA Girl Setting Spray is the one I would use first (in the morning) then, the wet and wild in the day if need be. But I don’t foresee having that issue with this setting spray.


The price for the LA Girl Setting Spray

The price is right, for R125.00. It can be found at Dischem Pharmacies, but not right now I don’t think. But when it becomes available and you are looking for an affordable setting spray, I say give it a go. It doesn’t break the bank and if you don’t like it, it’s no big deal, but even if you don’t like it all over, you can certainly find other uses for it.

For example, I love spraying my blending sponge with setting spray to blend in my under eye concealer. This decreased the amount of powder you will need, if any. Have you ever heard of or tried this hack? I love it! Especially in Winter when my skin is so dry, that powder is a total no no .

So as far as drugstore goes, LA girl (especially the concealer) has been a cult favorite, so I am wondering why no-one is talking about this yet? Has it maybe just not been tested or found yet?

Ok that’s me on this product, let’s chat in the comments about your favorite drugstore sprays. As a mom of 3 I am always on the hunt for a bargain.


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