L.A Girl Nudes colour brick

Good Morning Gorgeous!

I found these L.A. Girl eyeshadow palettes at Dischem this weekend , and lucky me LA Girl was on sale.

I chose to get the Nudes brick but there are others as well, theres a smokey palette which I intend on getting as well, I just chose one so I could check out the color pay off before getting too many, and I must say I really like this palette, plus for R52.00 who wouldn’t love it 😀

There are 3 matte shades in the palette as the rest feel and look more like satin to me with a hint of shimmer.

There are no shade names as far as I could tell , on the packaging.

The palette does include a brush as well as a sponge applicator on the other end , and a mirror as well.

Below is a more in depth look and it includes swatches

LA Girl Eyeshadow Palette

Color Swatches

Hope you enjoyed! And have a beautiful day <3


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