L.A Girl Eyeshadow Palette look

Hey Gorgeous!

So I finally got my L.A Girl smoky palette  and wanted to create a look using a combination of the palettes, since I have been absolutely loving the Nudes one.

I’m really not sure what to call the look since its a mix of color

So here goes…

IMG_20150307_154846First I applied an eyelid primer, I have been using a new one by Avon recently so that’s the one I went with. Then I applied the red color from the neon’s palette, it came off as more coral than red which I don’t mind, I assume if I want the color to show up as its true color I have to use a white eye shadow primer, which I haven’t been able to find in the country yet…

IMG_20150307_155711Then I attempted a “cut crease” and couldn’t quite get it down, so I used a stencil đŸ™‚ , I have the eye tatoo’s so I used the inner part of the card to create it with…

Creating Cut Crease

The color I used for this was the copper-ish shade from the smokey palette (9th shadow from the left in the image below)


And to blend them all well I used the matte brown shade, directly to the left of the copper shade. and for the inner corner highlight I used the first color on the smoky palette….And the final look ….

The Complete look

All the other products I used…

Other products

Review :

Overall I am really loving these palettes, the colors are pretty awesome, definitely build-able , minimal fall out, and super blendable… The only downfall for me is to make the Neon’s palette work I need a different primer, but which vibrant eyeshadow doesn’t require that…All in all a purchase I would re-make in a heart beat, especially for daily use, their price point is unbeatable!

Thumbs Up

Any suggestions on white eye shadow primers are welcome…

Have an amazing weekend butiful!


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