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How are you all doing? I would like to start off with a Happy New year wish to you all, may 2018 be absolutely amazing, speaking of which, my 2018 is off to an amazing start as this post is brought to you all in partnership with

As a busy parent, who works full time, I have to say I don’t always have time for shopping (and by shopping, I mean going to a mall, from store to store) and we all know how fast our little ones grow, there is always a need to do clothing shopping. For many years I have been using superbalist if I remember correctly it launched around 2013 (maybe earlier, but that’s when I started shopping online) it used to be a site called Citymob.

Kids fashion is ever changing and my kids in particular love fashion and brands, keeping up with the trends, lucky for them they have a young mom who understands and a pretty awesome app from

What superbalist allows, is for me to log in to the app (with my credentials) using their mobile phones, they browse and add to cart, then all I have to do is check out. They have a good range, from – Baby Shoes, Girls’ Shoes and Boy’s Shoes to clothing, accessories and a whole lot more.

If the kids go overboard I can eliminate items too… I love it, all without the constant nagging in the mall “mom, are we done yet?”, or “mom, when are we going home?”, or the best one “I want, I want, I want!!!”. Now I can control my spend by telling them items are out of stock, but still keep it in a wishlist for later.

Here are some of our top picks for this Summer, what’s even better is they’re currently on sale! So hurry


A day of fun in the sun, I have grouped our selections by age category:-

After a long day of fun in the sun, typically while on holiday, we would enjoy an evening out, perhaps for supper, sightseeing and even some arcade games. These are our top picks for that kind of scenario.

My daughter would love the skirt and sneakers from the image on the left, paired with the unicorn top, because I mean who doesn’t love a metallic unicorn.

These are the top selections for my middle son who is 11 years old, however, this little guy is so skinny, a size 5-6 waist still fits, then we struggle with the length ha ha ha. So he is loving the jogger trend because the length doesn’t necessarily have to be correct (like all the way to or past the ankle) 😉

And my big man (14 Years old), this guy is all about brands and labels right now. This is what is so awesome about Superbalist, it’s a one-stop shop without me having to make time to go shopping, it is delivered to me at the address of my choice…I love it!

And last but not least, my friend had a baby last year and her birthday is coming up in May, so while I am shopping these are the things I will be getting for little Kéziah … She has a baby blog too, to see more click here.

These are the cutest little outfits, whoever, did the item selection for the product shoots did a very good job. I included the infant options for those of you who have kids under 5 years of age. There is certainly something for everyone.

More about Superbalist

They deliver to your door and they offer free standard delivery when you spend R350.00 or more. Now as a mom of 3, if I don’t spend at least R500 on my kids in one go then something’s wrong…seriously wrong, I basically guarantee myself free delivery every time I shop with Superbalist.

To receive R250 off (min spend R600) for first-time buyers, go download the app from one of the links provided below:

Android – Superbalist App for Android

IOS – Superbalist App for IOS

Please note this post is brought to you in partnership with, but none of the links provided are affiliate links.

Happy shopping, and don’t forget to take advantage of the R250.00 off offer, after all, it is January lol.

Have a BE YOU tiful day!

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    1. My pleasure and I’m glad you like it :)…Don’t forget you have to install the app and make a purchase for the discount

  1. I like the unicorn t-shirt. I know a friend who would luuurrvvvv it lol. The other selections and pairings are also pretty cool. Even the slops in the 9-10 swim wear range is so nunu

  2. I love to shop this way too and these outfits are adorable! I wonder if this is available in the U.S.?
    xo, Nicole

  3. Clothing line for kids may it be branded or just a simple one. Kids really grow fast and buying things should be in an inexpensive yet quality assured way of shopping.

    1. I agree 100% I like to buy branded sneakers though they last the longest…I have had to replace inexpensive items way too often lol

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