Family Friday: Keeping Ramadaan with kids interesting

I’m trying to keep to my weekly “series” called Family Friday, I only called it that so I could talk about family topics as a whole. In light of this, I will be tackling Ramadaan with kids. Let me tell you it is not easy. I’m also still figuring out this thing, but I do have some tips for you.

So firstly explaining why they have to fast is such a challenge, when they were younger it was easier because monkey see, monkey do. Or at least that’s the way my youngens behave…

And thankfully my eldest son is so competitive and determined that he has been fasting all 30 days since he was about 4 or 5, so what ends up happening is if big brother is home, they CAN make it all day.

When big brother is out or not home then they are very very hungry and cannot survive or even when their non-Muslim friends are around, shame they “suffer” hey. So here are a few tips for you

Tips for Keeping Ramadaan with kids interesting

At Suhoor / Breakfast, I make sure they eat food that will sustain them throughout the day, for more tips check out my previous post here.

Keeping Ramadaan with kids interesting

Some of our staples include:
  1. Future Life cereal – my sons love the chocolate flavour but my daughter is not a fan so she will have something like weetbix.
  2. I will include a banana
  3. A slice of toast
  4. A cup of tea or a glass of water
  5. A yoghurt

This way I feel like they have a good mix of foods they could possibly crave during the day, then on the weekends if they want to go and play outside, they are only allowed to do so after 10:30 am.┬áThis means that there is little time between leaving home and ‘lunchtime’ that they will only end up coming back around 2:30.


If they happen to complain about hunger I will either distract them with things to do to prep for supper or a round of Xbox, by this time we are at the 3:30 pm time, then when there are more complaints this time I will use logic, “You made it all day and there is only 1 hour left, do you want to throw the whole day away?”


When we celebrate Eid or “Christmas” the kids typically get money, every year I tell them it depends on how many days they fast.

If they fast fewer days they will collect less money (which really isn’t the case but it works lol). So if your kids really can’t make I don’t think you should force them, just try and make it interesting for them – like a challenge.

When my little ones need a day off, I give it to them. Afterall they are kids, yes it is important to instil the will to make it through the day early on in life, but I personally believe it is a whole lot easier when they want to actually do something, instead of feeling like they have to or else they will go to hell.

Ramadan with kids really doesn’t have to be a constant battle, all you need to do is ease up, find ways to make it interesting and lastly do not put too much pressure on them. We all know that God is most merciful, so try and show them some mercy too.

I hope this has been helpful in some way, please feel free to leave me some tips and tricks.

Thank you for stopping by and have a Be YOU tiful day gorgeous! You’re worth it!

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