Keep your skin glowing 101

How will you Keep your skin glowing this winter ? I used to ask this question all the time, until I got into YouTube and of course google, I was winging it all the way before then. But internet is here to save us and now we don’t have to wonder, you have to just keep reading here. And get some tips on how to achieve the winter glow.


Keep your skin glowing this winter

Scrub / Exfoliate

First of all, it is freezing for extensive body scrub routines, right? So this is what I do.

Once a week, normally a Sunday, I have my pamper time. What I will do is draw a bath instead of having a shower. This is the time I will use to sh*t shave and shampoo, and of course, exfoliate. Every other day exfoliation comes in the form of gloves lol.

Let’s also be real no one is going to see your soft supple skin, but I personally don’t do these things for anyone but me. Yes, I skip the self-tan but in the Winter months, I would use gradual tan lotions so I am not 2 different people throughout the year.

DIY body exfoliator – olive oil/coconut oil and brown sugar or coffee grounds. This one is sure fire way to keep your skin glowing all year round. Just don’t over do it.

You can use this on your face, lips, feet, but for me personally, I find it a bit too harsh for my facial skin.


It doesn’t mean people can’t see your skin in Winter that it should be neglected right. As I said I use gradual tan lotions every other day. But on the day to day, I love rich thick body creams. I also like to lock it all in with some coconut oil or olive oil. I know it seems excessive but I am scaly. My skin will take all the help it can get. Personally,

I like to make my own DIY body cream which consists of Raw cacao butter raw shea butter and an oil. I will sometimes add some essential oils but it’s perfect even without it. The Nivea body lotion for ‘Dry to very dry skin’ is amazing at helping to keep your skin glowing.

Inside out

I know it’s harder to fight the cravings in Winter right, but the path to glowing skin is definitely not through packet soups and hot chocolate. Keep up the water drinking, even if you switch to warm water. Although cold water will regulate your body temperature so the cold isn’t as cold (apparently).

Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying don’t have warm cosy drinks but try and keep up with the water intake. There is no better way to look after your body. Inside and out! And of course the glowing skin doesn’t hurt.

Keep your skin glowing
Photo by Jez Timms on Unsplash

Product Recommendations to keep your skin glowing this winter

  1. DIY Scrub – Simply mix some olive or coconut oil with some sugar or salt. Apply to dry skin in circular motions then rinse.
  2. Moisture – I love the Nivea lotion in the blue bottle, but if you wanted to make your own body butter, I just use equal parts of Raw cacao butter, shea butter, with half the measurement of some oil and a few drops of essential oil (personal preference).
  3. Water – I genuinely tried to use a water tracker in my journal but I was going nowhere slowly. I find it a lot easier to use my water tracking app on my phone. I use Water time Pro. (available on the app store) but you can use whatever tickles your fancy.
  4.  Lastly and most importantly, love thy self. Nothing can make you genuinely glow more than your smile, even when it has braces or Invisalign. It’s cool it’s yours and you should own it!

If this is not your speed and just want to know about the colour goodies, check out my UD Naked Basics review here.

As always have a Be YOU tiful Day gorgeous! you’re worth it!

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