July 2017 Glossybox Unboxing


Hi there and welcome back. I know my posts are very random and unstructured but truth be told I have a very hectic schedule and work is really demanding right now, so please bare with me for a while…I am trying my best to post more often…

So Glossybox – I know that this box was available in South Africa for a brief period , I think in 2012 (if I am not mistaken) and then no more, so with the launch of aramex global shopper I decided to give this one a go… That process was a little painful to say the least, it took around 2 weeks for the box to be delivered to me because it was held at customs, I think I may shop a little too much as I was asked to provide an importers code lol…We did manage to clear that up and I eventually received my box and this is what I got….

Body wash

Aerin Vanilla Body Wash – I am a huge lover and die hard bodyshop supporter but OMG does this stuff smell amazing… It lingers on the skin, well until I have to kill the scent with my body lotion because I have dry skin and it is winter. But it really doesn’t dry out my skin at all…I wish they had included a matching body lotion then I don’t think I would even need perfume…that’s how awesome it smells. I found this on Amazon for $50 , WOW! Way more than the box price ….check it out here.



Next up we have La Roche-Posay Foaming cleanser – This says for normal to oily skin, sadly I am dry combo so I have been using it at night to cleanse my face after removing makeup, and I do this because I use heavier creams on my face at night so I know I am replenishing the moisture. I haven’t noticed anything dramatic yet, but we’ll see how it goes, I will be sure to update you if there is anything to update you on 🙂


De Bruyere Beauté – After sun lotion – well I can’t test this dude for another 3 months at least, but with having 3 kids I think we will put it to good use. This one retails for $12. So once I have tested (and remember to) I will post an update or review 😉


Dr. Paw Paw soothing balm – this feels like aquaphor or vaseline to me, it has no scent and I use it the same as I would use those products, nothing ground breaking here, so far! I do like that it is slimmer than a vaseline tub and I can through this in my bag. And I just mix in a little in the evening with my hand cream for a little added moisture…Sorry I can’t say anything more about this guy but I do use it, it’s just nothing stands out as innovative about it YET…


NCLA clean up your act pen – Total Dud! this was dry AF…I would much rather just use my trusty essence pen. Nuff said!


Doucce freematic blush – To be honest I haven’t worn this yet, but it is a really mini pan , which I understand because it is a sample, color is pretty but I don’t know about longevity… The package is very pretty and it’s kind of like a magnetic Z palette so if you can find another shade that  you like you can just pop it in and throw it in your makeup bag, which is really convenient. To me it’s one of those things I would carry for in case of emergency situations…

In the box we also received a $30 gift card for a food service which I really didn’t even look at because seriously my package will be destroyed at customs and I don’t feel like being sad or losing money.

So that’s all folks… I hope you enjoyed and if you made it to the end THANK YOU…

I hope you have a be U tiful day!

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