Ipsy Glambag Unzipped- September 2017

I hope you’re doing well!

This months ipsy was kinda just so so for me , but I thought I would share anyway.


MANEFIT – Beauty Planner Mask – Mugwort, Astringent + Pore Care and Beauty Planner Mask – Lily, Whitening + Brightening

It’s really hard to review a mask after only 1 use , but I have used the Lily, Whitening + Brightening one so far and I do like it, there was sufficient serum in the pouch for me to use it twice, at least. I didn’t notice a whitening effect but it definitely left my skin , soft, supple and glowy…I really enjoyed this one.

Smashbox – Radiance Primer

This little dude is awesome. It is spring here in South Africa now and I’m all about the glow. To be honest it doesn’t really matter what season it is I just love to glow lol. I don’t particularly like this as a primer under my foundation, but just to add a “cream highlight” under a powder one, it’s is great, really makes the highlight pop.

I have also tried mixing it in with my foundation, I’m not a fan, but with something light like a BB cream, it looks stunning! It looks so naturally healthy and glowy, just beautiful…


Elizabeth Mott- Pop! Goes The Shadow in Toasted

The packaging is cute, the shadow is a good quality but I don’t particularly like getting single shadows, what I do is throw these into my make-up bag just in case of emergency, and sometimes when I’m feeling like my make-up is too plain I just add some to my lid. It really is a stunning color, the formula is soft and buttery and it blends well,I think it works well as 1 color on the lid, but other than that it’s an eye shadow…I don’t know what else to say 🙂

Luxie RoseGold Angled brush

Well I mean who doesn’t love getting makeup brushes, let alone, brushes like luxie! This brand is one of those that are so hyped up on youtube and so far I have 2 in my collection now thanks to ipsy and boxycharm… It’s really pretty. They are really good quality brushes, super soft and no shedding so far…Once I am able to get a full set I will do that unless my subscription boxes build the set up for me hahhahahahaha.


Hanalei – Papaya Enzyme Powder Cleanser

I must say I really like this packaging, if this is how the full size comes, I would buy it in an instant. These little packages are so convenient and easy to store. I can take one into the shower with me and even if I get the package wet, all my product isn’t wasted and I can actually still use it, I know this because I’ve done it like a silly girl! The product itself feels like a gentle scrub, I really think the best part about using it is, that it’s so cool ha ha ha. But yes there isn’t a sufficient amount for me to see a drastic change in my skin, but it sure feels amazing from the first use!. It smells good and reminds a lot of the dermalogica daily micofoliant. I have tried that one too and they seem to be the same thing, so there’s an option if you can’t find Hanalei near you 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed and before I go I forgot to mention how much I love this months’ bag…It’s black and gorgeous…As you get to know me you will learn that I am not a frilly, pink girly girl. I am all about the black, it’s my favourite colour, until someone decided to make holographic cool again, now I’m torn, maybe I can be a black uni 😀

Let me know in the comments if you got an ipsy bag, what products you got and what you liked most. If not and you would like to sign up just follow this link IPSY.

Don’t forget if you are outside of the US and Canada, you can see my way of receiving these in my boxycharm post. Just click here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day! You’re worth it!



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