Ipsy Glambag: Cancel or Keep + {Giveaway – Closed}

How goes it? Glad to have you back. Today we are talking the ipsy glam bag subscription, so it’s a $10 a month sub, where you receive mostly sample sizes, and sometimes some full-sized items. The reason I signed up is because I can lol. Here in SA we typically don’t get a lot of the beauty products we see all over youtube and the fomo is not pleasant! At All.

So when Aramex global launched here and I got a lifetime membership for free for choosing wisely on the banking front, I went ham on Amazon then I realized I could get subscriptions too.

Now, ipsy is only $10 a month which is around R150.00 a month with the current exchange rate being so awesome this month it was only R120.00 for me, which isn’t a train smash but then I have to pay Aramex R199.00 for delivery. To be fair if I imported these things it would be a lot more than R300 but these are just samples. On the one hand I love that I get to try so many new products but on the other hand, when I really like something, it costs an arm a leg and sometimes a toe. I just don’t know if it’s worth all the effort!? Plus with these being samples am I paying $10 for a make-up bag every month? Help!?

I’m seriously considering cancelling ipsy and maybe trying the Macy’s box instead. I know in that box I will receive really high-end samples, I’m talking like Dior and YSL. I need your help in making this decision, please… Cancel or Keep?

Here is a little looksy to what was in my February bag and since I am cancelling I would like to do a little giveaway to say thanks for helping me decide.


The Bag

I have to admit this months’ bag was very pretty. I like it a lot

Sand & Sky – Brilliant Skin Pink Clay Mask

This kinda makes me sad and mad all at the same time, sad because it is so awesome, I feel like it works well, and it doesn’t dry out my skin. And when you dampen this mask to rinse it off, it is so soft, other clay masks can be a bit gritty feeling, this is soooo smooth. And mad because dammit now I like it and where am I supposed to buy this from

Haleys Beauty – Re:Fine Prime

This primer is ok so far, nothing mind-blowing, the only thing is you can’t use this with moisturized hands, the lid is a pull off not a twist off, so yeah, you’ll be there all day trying to open it.

Pureheals – Propolis 80 Cream

This cream is growing on me and a bit too late since it’s a sample it’s just about finished lol. Either way, I kinda dig it, it feels like a gel but moisturizes like a thick cream. I use it at night and wake up moisturized, so yes I like it, do I love it nope not yet. Sorry!

Luxie Beauty – Blending and Shading Eye Brush 249

Makeup brushes are makeup brushes. We keep getting Luxie and there is nothing more to say about that… It’s a good brush

Competition is now closed and the verdict as per the votes is

No don’t be insane, Ipsy is awesome 26

Do It! It’s not worth it. 14

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As always, have a BE YOU tiful day, gorgeous! You’re worth it@




  1. my eyebrows are so unruly. I need a good shaper. Thank you for the blog I did answer your question. I was totally honest!

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