Ipsy Bag Unzipped : October 2017

Happy Halloween! I hope you all have an awesome one. I really wish this holiday was a little more mainstream here in South Africa, as a beauty lover, painting my face is the most therapeutic thing ever!

So all the subscription boxes this month were obviously themed for Halloween, for Ipsy the theme is Spellbound.

I know this post is later than usual but it took a while to receive the bag this month & it’s been a crazy week, I apologize for that. But let’s get down to unzipping this bag.

So let me start off by telling you that I requested the IT Cosmetics powder specifically. Every month you can email ipsy support (support@ipsy.com) and ask for an item, so if you are subscribed and would like to request a specific item, based on a sneak peek, just send an email to their customer support and specify the item you want. This was the first time I did it and I got what I asked for, so they actually do follow through, and their service is amazing. I haven’t had an issue with ipsy thus far.

IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores Pressed Powder

The first item in the pouch was the IT Cosmetics Bye bye pores powder. It was not in the actual bag but I think that’s because it was attached to an info card, which wouldn’t fit in the bag. The sample is a pretty decent size considering I don’t use a lot of powder and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t purchased it yet. It came with a little sponge, but it’s so tiny it’s annoying.

One first touch this powder is so velvety, it feels really finely milled. I like it. I have tested it out a bit, so, for setting under eye concealer, not my fav, it darkens my concealer, maybe this only happens to me, but I don’t like that because it meant I had to apply a brightening powder on top and then it’s like cake.

So day 2, I tried it with a brush, this is the best application method for me, I dipped the brush in and then buffed it over my skin, it set the foundation nicely, “bye bye pores”, um I don’t know, my pores weren’t completely invisible, but it did minimize it a bit. On the skin, it doesn’t look cakey or heavy at all. I would continue to use it, but I don’t think I will be making the purchase, it would be a waste for me personally, since I don’t have to set my foundation on daily bases, for you oily gals, I think you would love it.

The full size is available at Sephora for $29.00 or you can currently select it as a free sample with a purchase of $25 or more.It’s also available on the IT Cosmetics website.

Firma blending brush – 201 Tall Blender

This is a blending brush,I mean what more can I say,it’s super soft, and very well made. According to their website all brushes are handmade and take about 5-6 weeks to make! Wow, impressive. You can read more on their website. This one was a full-size obviously and retails for $12.99. I look forward to using it and hopefully getting more of them.

Tarte Lights, Camera Lashes Mascara

I was so excited to see this in the bag,because I basically received 2 high-end items. This is going to come as a surprise but I am totally underwhelmed by this mascara. With all the hype around it, I thought it was going to be like the too-faced better than sex mascara, it’s not!

The wand is nice, I like it, it looks like a more whispy effect type of wand, which I really enjoy. But the formula of the mascara, dude, no, just no. It is so wet! I have hooded lids, and have to sit with my eyes semi-closed (not even all the ay, because then it ends up on my under eye area), or it will transfer to my lids.

And then it’s not even doing much to my lashes, looks like I applied some knockoff, and all it did was wet my lashes, which makes them look black. I don’t know, if there is a trick to this one please let me know!.

Tony Moly Peach Hand cream

This is so adorable, but I’m a nice person so I gave it to my little lady for her “handbag”, It smells like peaches, no jokes, if you don’t like that scent, don’t get this.

It’s a really heavy smell, or to me at least, and that’s the real reason I gifted it to her lol. I love nice smelling things, this one lingers a bit too long for me. But it was a really nice treat and feels amazing on the skin. My hands stayed moisturized for quite a while, and easily absorbed into the skin, so no oily feeling or slippery hands. I do like it, just going to check for a different fragrance, hopefully, vanilla 🙂

Essence Satin Touch blush

Again very underwhelmed, I mean I love essence, a lot! But when I am getting a subscription from the U.S I expect amazing products. I’m not mad at it, I love the blush, the formula is awesome, the price is right, but I expect more from Ipsy lol. Maybe my expectations are too high, I don’t know. But, it is a full-sized item, which is always awesome! Here is South Africa R54.95 at Clicks and in the U.S that would be about $4.

With the blush and blending brush, we exceeded the value of the bag, if you didn’t know Ipsy is a $10 a month subscription and you receive 4-5 samples in the bag, and sometimes, like this month you get lucky and get some full-sized items too.

This months’ bag itself, is very girly but mysterious, I gave it to my baby because what am I going to do with all these bags lol.

But so far so good, I am really enjoying the ipsy bag especially for the price, saves me a lot of money in the long run. If you would like to sign up, just click here. I am not an affiliate, but I would get referral points.

*NB* Remember if you are in South Africa, you have to sign up to Aramex global shopper, which you can read more about here.

Let me know what you got in your bag this month, or what was your favourite product from mine.

Have a Be YOU Tiful day gorgeous! You’re worth it!


  1. Ah man, I recently purchased the Bye Bye Pores Pressed powder, but haven’t tried it yet. I am worried it is going to be underwhelming for me as well 🙁 I love the Essence Satin Touch Blush, but I agree it’s a bit underwhelming as you can easily pick up that item from Clicks.

  2. I never knew you could request one specific item, that’s so cool! There’s always one or two products that I do not enjoy. I do the reviews on their website, so I can hopefully get better products in my next bag. It sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t. Hopefully next month is better! xx

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