Ipsy Bag Unzipped : November 2017

Welcome, welcome. You know, I seem to receive my Ipsy bag the easiest from Aramex global shopper. At this point, I don’t know whether to recommend the service or not honestly. Some days they are amazing, like Friday it showed my package was received in Jhb, I logged in made my payment and my bag was delivered Friday afternoon, the same freaking day!

Enough about Aramex because with Boxycharm they are just grating my cheese!

This month’s Ipsy bag I really do like. All the products I received are from good brands and things I’ve actually been wanting to try for a while now.


Ipsy November 17 BAG

I am in love with this bag, and I am so grateful I didn’t get the yellow bag though, it’s very pretty but I wouldn’t be able to keep it clean, my handbag is way too full lol.

Oribe – Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

Oribe Dry Shampoo

I almost jumped out of my skin when I got the preview of my bag and this was in there. The youtube guru’s go on and on about this dry shampoo, but I certainly wasn’t about to spend $44.00 on dry shampoo without knowing what I was spending my money on… But oh my the hype is so real, it actually makes me sick! Because now I have to buy it, I just have to. The scent is so clean, it’s kind of perfumy but not in a horrible way, nor is it overpowering at all. I think this will appear on one of my wishlists soon so I can try the full size.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush – In Feisty

I am almost certain the people at Ipsy know me, they just pretend they don’t so they don’t have to send me free goodies. This shade is so stunning and exactly what I like in a blush. At this point, I can’t say if they really last for 12 hours but it is gorgeous and sooo pigmented. If you get this use a light hand. A little dusting and you’re all flushed.

Colour Pop single pressed shadow – in Paper Tiger

I only have 1 other colour pop super shock shadow in my collection, shocking I know, but it’s awesome and I really do enjoy their products, especially the highlighter, I have wisp. When I heard colour pop released pressed shadows I wasn’t like jumping online to purchase them because I mean there’s makeup geek and mac single shadows already. I am however pleasantly surprised, the shadow is so buttery but pigmented at the same time and blends like a dream. This shade though, it looks like it could disappear on me, it’s kind of a mustard colour and in the swatch, you can barely see it. But still, a stunning colour to go with The Balm single shadow I received a few months ago in another ipsy bag.

Tini Beauty – Barfly Highlighter in Candlelit

I personally haven’t heard of this brand so it was an interesting item to receive. For me, the purpose of getting beauty subscriptions is not only to test out higher end brands that are not available here but also to discover new brands, like this ‘Tini Beauty’.

So it’s a cream highlighter which I personally love. I prefer them over powder ones for sure. So far I’ve used this twice and I really do like it, but it is very subtle, definitely not a blinding highlight but on a more natural day it is stunning and so far lasts pretty decently on the skin. I didn’t notice any fading.

And last but certainly not least I received a Lime Crime lip colour.

Lime Crime – Diamond Crushers in Lit

This to me is more of a lip topper than a lip colour, and it is very pretty and hela shimmery. I was so excited to receive a Lime Crime product, but this is not something I see myself using at all. I will keep it in my arsenal for the purposes of my daughter. She likes to “borrow” lip gloss and when we go out she wants to wear makeup, this is the perfect way for her to feel glitzy and me to give her the impression shes wearing lipstick lol. I probably will give it a try but definitely not something I would use.

Overall I was really excited and happy with this months’ bag. What would I purchase the full size of, is the Oribe Dry shampoo and the Tarte blush. The other items are nice to try but not things I would go out and purchase.


Let me know if you get ipsy and what you received this month…I love checking the variations on the bags’ items.

If you too would like to sign up, click here. It’s only $10 a month.

Have a stunning day! You’re worth it!

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