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So this year in South Africa we had the likes of Urban Decay, Mii Cosmetics, Star Bucks, L.O.V etc. grace our shores. But there are so many beauty brands all of us in the beauty community are probably waiting for…Do you ever ask yourself, should I buy this or just wait? Or are you one of those people that love to have the makeup that’s trending right now?

International Shipping

I know that now we are able to place international orders using Aramex Global, and there are numerous online stores especially on Instagram that sells all the items we wish for. Let’s be real, there is nothing like the joy of walking into an Urban Decay Store… There is always the risk of being sold fake products. Which is not only a total rip off but could also potentially cause skin issues. If you make regular purchases please be careful!

Third Part Resellers

And then there are the legitimate sellers who are selling 100% authentic products at such high prices, it’s actually scary when you see how much money you could have saved. So we are left in a catch 22. Do you purchase these products at an inflated rate due to impatience? Or do you hang in there and make use of what is available at your fingertips for a reasonable price? I don’t by any means think the sellers are setting out to rip people off but simply to satisfy a need. And customs costs are not cheap, I have made some international purchases on my own and had to pay customs almost every time.

I was so relieved when I kept putting off purchasing the naked palettes and they arrived here 100% authentic, direct from Urban Decay at a much lower price. Now I ask myself, do I take the risk and purchase something that may possibly land here in the future.

I think I would most likely purchase the products that I absolutely have to have, and a brand I haven’t tried yet, just to see if it’s worth the hype, but I definitely won’t go on a haul and buy every item in every colour, I am certain at some point we too will be as lucky as the US and UK, by having all the things we long for right here.

To end off here is my updated list of brands I wish were readily available here

  • Too Faced
  • Lorac
  • Maybelline fit me range
  • Milani
  • Kat Von D

I hope you enjoyed, please let me know your thoughts and brands you wish would come here or to your country in the comments down below

Have a beYOUtiful day!

You’re worth it!

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