Human Rights Day!

Good Morning Gorgeous!

Firstly what a gorgeous day it is … We are all alive…

So tomorrow the 21st March is Human Rights Day over here… And to all my SA followers Have a wonderful day…

The history around this day┬áis so unbelievable seriously, but it is what it is and no judgement from me at least, because it’s is one of those events that got us to here…To read the full story on Wikipedia click here.

I was reading up about it myself and also came across this image, and how true is this , thinking about it in context of Human Rights Day, if those people hadn’t tried to take a stand perhaps this country wouldn’t be where it is today! Free!!!

images (9)

So to them I say THANK YOU for trying as this can indeed be seen as an accomplishment (in my opinion) sadly they are not around in the physical world to see their impact, but it becomes more and more apparent.

As for life in general…everything each of us have accomplished no matter how small started with the decision to try, and we continue to make those decisions without even realizing it. So I wish for you an amazing experience and reality, where you and I will continue to TRY, fail and SUCCEED

Have a wonderful weekend butiful! <3


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