Dry Shampoos – the pro’s and cons

Hey Scarlet’s

After Mondays intense post and very beautiful images. I thought I’d mix in some fun ok. Today we are seeing how Oribe fairs against Batiste. Dry  Shampoos are by no means a new inventive thing (anymore). Batiste is for sure an oldie but a goody, a pioneer of dry shampoo, other than Maizena (Corn Starch) and baby powder.

I have to say the newer ones are not knocking my socks off, or even my oils off for that matter. I will say Co-Lab isn’t a bad one to check out though, especially for a drugstore dry shampoo.

There are most likely 1000’s of videos on the interwebs about DIY options, but let’s face it, In our fast paced world, we just wanna grab and go. So I offer up 2 vastly different options for dry shampoo.

Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

This I have to say I would probably not have purchased any time soon. Firstly it can’t ship here with Aramex and secondly it’s blerry expensive. I found it on cultbeauty for £36. In South Africa it was apparently sold by Quintessentially yours, but I can’t find it on the web site, let me know if you find it. Please note that £36 = R621.88. For dry shampoo I think not.

This thing has to detect my hair is oily then take itself out of my drawer and spray itself, in exactly the right spot. Dramatic I know but , how the hell does DRY SHAMPOO coz R600 … Where is the justification in that!

Dry Shampoos

Firstly I use it once a month since I learnt how cheap it is. I will say I genuinely don’t think it ‘cleans’ my hair. It does smell BEEAUTIFUL though. And if I am being honest I use it as hair perfume, sometimes even when I am blow drying my hair I spray some at the roots, because the fragrance really does last. As for the efficacy, no it is not like others I have tried. If you are looking for some grit in your hair maybe to curl clean hair, this provides that.

Gold lust my a$$, I have finishing sprays from Redken and schwarzkopf I use instead.

All in all, it has some kind of function/purpose to me but, not enough to spend R600 on a dry shampoo, sorry.

Batiste Dry Shampoo


The O G of dry shampoos, you can’t go wrong with this one. I haven’t told anyone about Batiste, that came back and said they didn’t enjoy it. In fact most of my friends prefer this one!

Dry Shampoos - Batiste

What you must know is the white residue compared to the Oribe is a lot worse. Unless you get one of the newer colored ones. I like the dark. If you wanted to check out a “shine one” , you can find it here. I have done a few posts a long time ago talking about batiste, you are welcome to check those out here and here.

Let me know what your favorite dry shampoo is and how often you use it since discovering this amazing product.


Have a lekker weekend and remember to have an amazing day, you’re worth it!


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