Seriously good Chapstick

Did you know Chapstick landed here on our shores? I didn’t but when I saw it in Clicks, of course I had to get one. duh I’m a product enthusiast and reviewer after all.  But let’s face it, sometimes chapped lips can actually cause some pain. And for me, Winter, although my favorite season, can get a bit brutal. My skin , my lips, it’s terrible. I never thought I would think this highly of a Chapstick.

When I saw this I thought, “I bet it’s a lot like lip ice”. It most certainly is not.


Very easy to miss amongst the lip products. There is nothing special about this packaging.



The original is currently on sale at Dischem for R34.95 which really isn’t bad, if you’re like me and use Carmex and lip sano,which can cost upwards of R60. But I paid R42 at Clicks, still not a train smash.


Amazing. I have never used a lip balm this effective. No film. I don’t have to re-apply 17 times in a day, I would say I can do an application and go about 45 min to 1 hour without re-applying, what’s better is that it feels like it is actually absorbing into my lips. It’s not just sitting on top, tricking me into thinking it’s working.

Chapstick rocks hard core, especially when you rush to a meeting and leave it on your desk…At least if the meeting doesn’t run over an hour, you’re good!

I don’t think I will use anything other than chapstick anymore. I may possibly try the Laneige one, but I really, really enjoy this. The one I am going to get the total hydration chapstick. Hopefully it will work as well as the original.

But if you’ve tried this please let me know how you like it. The shocking this about this mundane product is how well it works!

All this time I thought Americans were full of it with their chapstick, but it truly is worth checking out.

How to make the most of your chapstick:

I usually start with a lip scrub, the one from Essence is pretty decent and quite affordable, or you can just make one, so sugar and olive oil.

Scrub your lips no longer that 1-2 minutes

Apply a sleeping mask if at night or in the morning before a liquid lipstick, chapstick.

You will have amazing lips all day long!

Here is my previous post so you can continue to hang out over here 🙂

I hope you’ve enjoyed! Let me know how you like this lip product if at all




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