GoBeauty app launches in South Africa





GoBeauty exists to make life easier for customers who are increasingly more ‘mobile’ and enable them to discover and locate all different types of salons, spas etc, book online and buy and send gift vouchers conveniently and with more confidence.

Technology is changing how we manage some of the most intimate aspects of our lives, and GoBeauty’s  aim is to furnish their users with the unique platform giving them instant access to the most comprehensive collection of spas and beauty salons across the country; where they can easily find a service they are looking for, with one glance view the kind of place it is, what are their treatments and prices like, what brands are they using, which amenities are available (yes, if there is a wifi ????) and the customers’ reviews.

The ‘command bar’ enables users to easily and quickly Review, Book, or Buy Vouchers. They aim to deliver to the public the most authentic, accurate and up-to-date information; no stock photos only genuine images of the places and their actual treatments. Currently listing over 400 salons, it is South Africa’s largest collection of salons, spas, beauty, hair, nails, laser, aesthetic clinics, spray-tan technicians and makeup artists. The super-responsive site means that is usable on all devices: laptops, all different size mobile phones or tablets.

They are hoping to deliver a uniform, meaningful and insightful way of presenting beauty places across the country.


In order to make it most user-friendly, they made the site as ‘slimline’ as possible: no unnecessary information, only the essence of the experience in the place. A lot of information is therefore only represented by icons: e.g. The main services offered are illustrated by icons on the top of the salon’s page and the brands they are using are represented by their logos.

They also want you to get a real feel of the place, so they are listing their amenities: are you going to get a coffee while you are waiting for your hair colour to develop, does it smell a scent and listen to the relaxing music in a luxury environment, or can you step out into the garden after your treatment or rest in a relaxation room.

In extending the insight into the place, there is a list of the services offered but also a list of their most popular treatments. There are of course the images of the salon, treatment rooms and/or treatments.


The search bar enables you to look for a ‘hair place in Cape Town’, but also for a ‘Dermalogica Age-smart treatment in Pretoria’ or ‘Botox in Sandton’, specific salon or just a town or neighbourhood.



Creating your private page

For customers who register on the site, there is an option to create your own private page with your favorite salons saved to be enable quick repeat bookings, and where you can view, edit or hide your reviews and also view your gift voucher purchases. Registered users can be notified of specials in their area with the GPS accuracy so that you don’t receive notification for something you are not interested in and is not relevant to you.




A short form enables customers to give their feedback in a form of rating (for ambiance, cleanliness, facilities, staff and value) and also give their honest comments if there is anything that can be improved, and their personal tips to other customers. The reviews are also used to make up the number of stars which are then also used to calculate the ‘top rated’ salons in that area or for your criteria.



At the moment there is a Request Appointment available at all salons listed. However as they are also partnered with the market leader in salon software in South Africa, our role is really to provide direct booking facilities and are in process of integrating the setup of ‘real-time bookings’ just like there is on the GoBeauty app. The request booking is not your usual  ‘send the request and hope someone comes back to me’, it is supported by our system which does the moment you make your request, notify the salon in a way that enables them to connect with the customer instantly and confirm the appointment.


Buying gift vouchers

Again designed for convenience, everybody’s favorite gift vouchers are available to be redeemed at any salon, enabling customers to buy a voucher and instantly send it to someone across the country. Payments are processed online and secured with the 3D security, and the vouchers are sent to the person’s mobile phone as a nice surprise or to their email address. To redeem the voucher, there is no printing involved or waiting for the post to arrive, the voucher is actually in your mobile phone so you can redeem it anytime by just showing your phone at the time of your treatment.


Together with the GoBeauty mobile App continues to innovate and revolutionize the way we discover our salons and spas, book our beauty treatments and feel more empowered as consumers – so rest assured there will be more coming…

Click here to visit their website.

Have a lovely weekend beYOUtiful!

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