How To get International Subscriptions delivered in South Africa 101

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Getting International Subscriptions delivered to South Africa

After my post on my fab fit fun box and my Boxyluxe box on Instagram, I am receiving more and more requests to break down the process so this might be a long one. Buckle up, make some coffee and let me explain How To get International Subscriptions delivered in South Africa!

Getting International Subscriptions delivered to South Africa


Finding an International Delivery Service

The first step is to find a delivery service that will ship your package/s here. My provider of choice is aramex global shopper. I won’t lie. sometimes this international subscription boxes, although I feel it’s worth it, can give you grey hair. I feel like since this service is becoming so popular, it’s also becoming harder and sometimes plain down ridiculous.

I have heard there are other services like this but aramex was the first to introduce this service and when I signed up it was free because I have an fnb account, you can read more on that here.

But I don’t know if that offer is still valid so please check first. Otherwise a subscription fee will be charged by aramex outside of your shipping costs.

Next you are going to find a subscription box you like and would like to sign up for.

Only sign up once you have your aramex shipping addresses.

So here are the a few of the most popular boxes


With this u just enter your U.S address and subscribe. You are welcome to use my referral like if you like. Just click here. Or go via google if you prefer 😉 . Boxycharm has to be one of the more popular international subscriptions, I’m sure this is why you’re here. And is it worth it, HELL YEAH!!!!

Fab Fit Fun

This is the same as above and they will be able to bill your card. To use my link click here. Remember with this link you will get $10 off your first box ok. 

Sephora Play

This one has always given me issues because they can somehow tell that the card being used is not issued in the U.S, so you might get lucky like prettifulblog or unlucky like me. But it’s worth a shot. With Sephora you can also use the PayPal option if you have a PayPal account.


This is the same as boxycharm and the rest. You can subscribe here.

Ipsy Glambag

And let’s not forget Ipsy. This is also the same as the rest. You can use my link to subscribe.

They usually all bill on the 1st of the month. The only who doesn’t is Allure. My card is usually only charged around the 7th.

As well as Fab fit fun. U will be charged as soon as you sign up and then every quarter thereafter if you choose to keep it.

Please remember that the billing on international subscriptions may change from month to month because of the exchange. Even though their prices stay the same, ours may change ok.


All of these boxes you can cancel directly on their website, some even allow you to pause for a while if you so choose.

With the Allure box, however, you have to email/call their customer service to action the cancelation., but they are pretty quick. I always receive a response within 2 days to confirm cancelation. With this box I usually put “on hold” if I see the spoilers and its not anything interesting, so that’s why I know ?

An important note, there is a list of unacceptable items list, which you can find here, on aramex’s website. If your box contains unacceptable items e.g. Nail polish they will send you an email to ask for a return address or if they can destroy it. DON’T FALL for it, just respond and ask them to open the box and remove the one item and ship the rest. They usually do it for me.

Always also be aware of the weight of your box. If it is a bigger box like the fabfitfun box, there is going to be a hefty shipping charge as well as possible customs fees.

Also save your sign up confirmation emails where it is easily accessible, they (aramex global shopper) will send u a notification when your box has been delivered, u then login to the app or website and upload those documents immediately. This will assist in cutting down the shipping time, because no back and forth emails.

I now also include a note with my ID number and state that I do not have an importers code.

Sometimes they will request this but I think that’s for someone like me who has multiple boxes and I shop on places like Amazon etc. So they probably assume I am doing so, to resell.

But just to be safe have it on hand.

They also like to request proof of the transaction. Sometimes they accept a screen shot of the transaction, other times they want the bank statements so I just block out all my transactions beside that one, and the account info besides my name etc. But that’s because I don’t use a credit card I use my cheque card for my purchases.

I hope this helps everyone with How To get International Subscriptions delivered in South Africa but if I missed something or you have any more questions, let’s chat in the comments section 😉

Have a Be YOU tiful day Gorgeous!

You’re worth it.


  1. Guuuurrrrlllll the way I needed this post you don’t even know thank you so so much I am going to subscribe next month and with your help I’m hoping that I survive ❤️? thanks my love

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