Maddy Magoos Fourways- The experience

Have you ever felt like you just don’t know what to do with your kids anymore because everything starts to feel like a routine? Well for all of you with little girls I found a cute little thing for you and your little bestie to do on a Saturday morning.I won a giveaway, but until then I had heard about Maddy Magoos Fourways but I had no idea what it was all about. If you are in the same boat let me tell you about our experiences at Maddy Magoos.

The Location

There are multiple locations according to the website but we visited Maddy Magoos Fourways. I have to say to me it is a bit hidden away because there isn’t a lot to do in the crossing unless you are going to have a sit down at Papachinos across the way. But once you find it, I don’t think there’s going back until your little girl outgrows the place. Also, it is inside “Kids Emporium” so it is not immediately visible in case you are thinking of giving it a go.

The Prize

I won a hair voucher (since this is also a kids salon) where she could choose either a wash and blow OR a treatment OR a cut. And a fairy garden workshop voucher. I have to say aside from having some real quality time with my little girl as a little girl, this was definitely the best part for both of us. If this statement isn’t making to sense to you lol, then what I mean is she got her first cell phone for her 10th birthday (which was this year), and with that I have a sense that she is now definitely growing up and sooner or later I am going to have to let go, to me, doing things like this workshop and she actually gets excited about it makes my heart happy knowing that she is still a child and that she is not lost to me yet.

The Fairy Workshop

First off the staff and owners are amazing people. They are so friendly and welcoming, and it’s like they have endless patience which to me shows their true passion for kids. So you have to choose a little house (pre-setup house).

Yes, it’s a pretty boring house, but that’s why this is so much fun, coz we get to decorate… I was very excited when I heard DIY and hot glue lol. They put out so many containers of decorative items so your little one’s imagination can run wild. Then the staff are on hand to assist with the hot glue guns, they provide pink lemonade and everything. Truth be told I probably had a lot more fun than she did, I absolutely love DIY’s and creative time out.

We just sat there laughing and decorating away, bouncing ideas off each other. It truly was a bonding experience not to mention so much fun. I cannot wait to book another session but not now maybe in Spring or Summer.

Once the little fairy house is complete you get a little box to take your creation home and she get’s to ‘name’ it.

The Salon

Then we moved on inside to the salon. So she opted for a cut, I think that’s because a few weeks prior I cut my hair. So their stylist will take them to the workstation where they get to choose a DVD to watch. Each station has it’s own little TV and DVD player. If that is not up to speed for the kids they can opt to play on a tablet too. It really is an inviting, kid-friendly and fun space.

So in case, you are ever looking for a new fun and interesting experience for you and your daughter check out Maddy Magoos. To visit their website click here. As far as I know, the cost of the workshop is R275.00 pp.

You can find them on Instagram too @MaddyMagoofourways

My princess and I would like to thank the staff at Maddy Magoos Fourways for a totally awesome experience and look forward to many more visits.

Just an FYI they do kids parties too… I think that’s what we’ll be doing next year! If you have any other questions, leave me a comment I would be happy to answer where I can 😉

Have a Be YOU tiful day gorgeous! You’re worth it!

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