Foreo Fofo : Revealing My Results


o I received this device a looooong time ago, but with most skin care related items, the longer you use it the better! When I received my Foreo Fofo, my skin age was 2 years younger than my actual age. So I figured I was off to a good start right! Well… was I?

Foreo Fofo

The foreo Fofo

I use mine religiously. It is certainly my tool of choice. So far all the brushes I’ve tried like the Sorbet one and the Carmen one is too harsh for my skin.

  1. Within a month the first one I received stopped working but Foreo was awesome enough to replace it for me.
  2. My initial skin age was 2 years younger than my actual age
  3. Then I wasn’t able to read my skin age again until like a year later – so for me that was a huge let down. I thought I would be able to track my progress, whenever I wanted to,which wasn’t the case. This was a fail for the foreo fofo.
  4. The only time it re-evaluated my skin was when I got a new mobile phone and app.

I will say though it is a pretty nifty little tool. The only analysis is it able to do on an ongoing basis is tell you for how long you should be washing each area of your face.

For me it’s 10 seconds, cheeks, forehead and chin.

Something to note is that this is definitely not going to be the thing you use to initially remove any makeup. You most certainly will have to use a cleaning oil, balm or wipe, especially around the eye area. It doesn’t get anywhere near your eyes.

I do wish it had a smooth side to help massage in product post cleansing though. That would make it totally worth it to me.

It’s compact and has a cute carry case, to protect it while travelling.


How do I take care of mine?

Well I learnt the heard way not to use a clay type of cleanser, because it get’s stuck in the ‘bristles’. Then you need another brush to try and clean it. Lucky I have an old manual facial brush and use that to clean my Foreo once a week at least, when I do my makeup brushes.

Speaking of make up brushes, I found that when I didn’t have a cleansing mat, I could use this to deep clean them.

It works best with the foundation brushes.

A little “pro” tip, for the Foreo fofo specifically, is unscrew the bottom where the batteries go in, after you’ve cleaned it and leave it open to air out and dry. With my sorbet silicone facial cleanser, it got rusty.

It was quite a mission to get it to work again. so try and keep this as dry as possible. I typically use mine in the shower but I have a hanging rack, so Ieave this standing up so all the water can drip down. This also allows for air flow, which in turn avoids the rusting nonsense.


This thankfully comes in a protective case which I use when I am travelling with the Foreo Fofo. I feel it’s a bit bulky and makes the device take up more room. But I feel like it’s worth it, in order to protect it.


So this is the big question right? I received mine in a Fab Fit fun box. You can read more on that here. I know the one I initially received was blue. However, that one stopped working, and as I said Foreo was kind enough to send me a new one. Their service was impeccable and very efficient. Oh yes the price, on their website it’s retailing for R1431.00 currently, but I am not sure about international shipping.

Mine was shipped to my Aramex address at the time. Now compared to R259.00 for the Sorbet one. This seems rather steep. With all the additional functionality though, I believe it’s worth it.

The reality is, if you can’t afford it, get the sorbet cleanser. It’s easily accessible and does the same thing, you just wont have the use of the app or the analysis. Keep in mind I have used both and the sorbet ‘brush’ or ‘bristles’ are a lot stiffer.

And there you have it, finally I have my review of the foreo fofo. Expectation vs Reality. I believe we are about 90% of the way to the expectation and therefore it is a winner in my eyes.

If you have any questions leave them below and I will do my best to answer them asap. If you have one let me know if you know how to actually track your skin progress please!?


Have a be YOU tiful week gorgeous! You’re worth it!


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