First Impressions | Maybelline BabySkin Instant Pore Eraser

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I hope everyone had a wonderful father’s day…Celebrating your dad whether he is still around or not…

So Maybelline FINALLY launched the baby skin here in South Africa and it is available at Dis-chem Pharmacies for R82.95 ($6.75). I just had to get my hands on this primer because of all the you tube hype about it…

Let’s do this…

Packaging – Very cute as I’m sure you all have seen

Amount of Product – It’s a small tube but for the price I’m ok with it,  plus as a pore eraser, it doesn’t have to go all over your face.

Scent – No scent that I could detect.

Texture – It is a clear, silicone type texture

Maybelline BabySkin by Blogmebutiful

Upon initial application my impression is I love it…It glides on and make my skin feel so soft, as you can see from the images above , it’s not a product that will fill in your pores completely if you are planning not to where any foundation. But once the foundation goes on it is flawless. So for that I was a little disappointed because most days I don’t really like to wear a full face and thought this would help with that …It doesn’t (for me at least).

The only real con for me , is when I use this with another primer (I used the too faced hangover RX) it looks like my skin is flaking, so I have to be cautious about not mixing the 2.

After 6 hours my skin still looks flawless and feels the same as when I first applied it, and me having dry skin I thought this would dry it out and I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t .

For the price of this primer I would most certainly now purchase it, even over the Loreal miracle blur, but will still continue to purchase that lol because that allows me to wear a no make up make up look.

Hope you’ve enjoyed!

Have a stunning day butiful! <3



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