First Impressions : Label M & Secretbox Unboxing

Good Morning Gorgeous!

If you follow me on instagram you’ll know that I purchased another secret box from retail box this month. So firstly I have to say I am so impressed with the service I received from retailbox , I purchased a la-tweez, tweezers as well and they were courteous enough to call me to let me know this item was included in the secret box and offered me a refund… They are just awesome and the delivery time is amazing! I love retailbox …clearly! lol


So I received travel sized Label M shampoo and conditioner in my box as well, and when I first saw it I was like ‘Aww man, how will I ever decide which to purchase between this and Kevin Murphy’.

The Packaging – I really like this packaging very simple and modern, but again no pump, not a fan

The contents

Shampoo – This smells a lot like the joico K pak to me , and not that I don’t like the fragrance I would just prefer the Kevin Murphy, then I washed my hair and it was so soft, almost immediately, by that I mean after the 2nd wash I could actually feel a difference in the texture!

Conditioner – Again this smells alot like the K- Pak , this conditioner also makes my hair so soft while wet, but I found that once I blow dried my hair it felt as if I hadn’t rinsed it enough, I’m usually very fanatical about rinsing and I don’t think that was it but I will continue to use it and see if there is a difference.

The fragrance also doesn’t last as long as the Kevin Murphy in my hair so that for me is another downer.

I would give this shampoo a 4/5 and conditioner 3/5, I love that it adds moisture to my hair but it goes a bit overboard in my opinion.

The Box 

I received the shampoo and Conditioner

La-Tweez tweezers – This is the one with the light and retails for R249.00

Invisibobble – The pack of 3 retails for R80.00 (Let’s say it’s R26.00 each)

Kent Hair brush – retail price R199.00

Total value of this box R474.66

Cost of the box R169.00 (excluding delivery) 

I would say this was well worth it to me … Especially because I wanted that tweezers in that color 😀

All these items are available for purchase on

I hope that you’ve enjoyed <3


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